Friday, December 28, 2007

My 8 Wanders

I have been tagged... well should be considered tagged by Carol from A Revision and then Ellen from Coffee Granules of the 8 things that should reveal more of me. Yikes!
  • 8 things that I am passionate about
  • 8 things before I pass away
  • 8 things I always say
  • 8 books I've read
  • 8 songs on my iPod
  • 8 things that makes me attractive to my friends
  • 8 people who should do this...
It is interesting to read of others' itemized stuff and learn more about them, but I was struggling to chart-up mine. Anyway, being as honest as possible, here goes...

8 things that I am passionate about:
  1. Wifey & Son
  2. Mom & Dad
  3. Home, we call heaven
  4. Gym workout
  5. Camping at the beach
  6. Traveling
  7. Tom Yam Noodle Soup
  8. Blogging
8 things before I pass away:
  1. Pilgrim to Mecca with Wifey & Son
  2. Own a shop with Wifey
  3. Celebrate my Son's convocation
  4. Be one, proud Granddad
  5. Travel to all Wonders of the World
  6. Scuba dive & Sky dive
  7. Learn about myself
  8. I know I have contributed
8 things I always say:
  1. "Wow!" I am still very impressionable.
  2. "Good morning!" I am a morning person.
  3. "Wonder how it is done..." logic must serve me or bust.
  4. "Hello" To everyone who shares a smile.
  5. "Where's the remote?" Because my butt is paralyzed.
  6. "Let's go out today!" Bid to lengthen days off work.
  7. "Why not? Let's do it while we're young!" Too few years left.
  8. "I love you." When I kiss Wifey before leaving for work
8 books I've read:
  1. Inside The Walls Of Alcatraz by Frank Heaney
  2. One Minute Millionaire by Mark Hensen & Robert Allen
  3. PC Magazine Singapore
  4. Cisco Networks For Dummies
  5. Professional Web Designs
  6. Indonesia Handbook
  7. Australia - Wonder Down Under
  8. Health Guide - Your Complete Guide
8 songs on my iPod:
  1. Superman by Five For Fighting
  2. Too Little Too Late by JoJo
  3. Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
  4. Boston by Augustana
  5. She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
  6. I Think God Can Explain by Spender
  7. You Were There by Southern Sons
  8. I'm Not Giving Up On You by Gloria Estefan
8 things that make me attractive to my friends:
  1. I honestly care
  2. I am a good listener
  3. I have a good sense of humor
  4. I share lots of good & silly ideas
  5. I give and take
  6. I love latest movies & songs
  7. I am not rude or judgmental
  8. I will be there for them
8 people who should do this:
  1. Andrew of Past Tense
  2. Wandi of Wandi Bear
  3. Tanie of Pink Icing
  4. Mompoet of Words From the Burbs
  5. Crashy of Crashed Site
  6. Liz-P of Supercharged Mommy Power
  7. Anne of Lopez Island
  8. Rhiannon of Inner Journey Writings


  1. Now I know more about you, Imran! Carol tagged me too. Here's my list:

  2. Hello MP,

    Thanks for stopping by. I saw your lists and got to know a little more about you and your family. This is a good idea from Carol.

    Have a great 2008!

  3. Apologies - just catching up on a lot of missed posts. Busy time over here in the UK, my Mother has been very ill but at least is now receiving treatment in hospital. Anyway, what a fun idea. Yes it does give a snapshot of your life and views. I shall consider myself tagged and get onto it shortly!

  4. How did I miss this? Ha.
    What a great list.It's great reading about other people, friends and finding out more about them. Thanks for doing this. You are a good egg.

  5. Hey, I found it! I'm a little behind this year already...
    I'll link ya.


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