Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cameron's Colorful Surprise!

Once the sun casted its light to the highlands, the whole place cheered-up to beautiful colors.

As if the scenic undulating hills did not take my breath away, the most prominent thing that captured my eyes and surely everyone else' there was the vibrant colors of flowers... flowers everywhere!

The Hills Are Alive...

Strawberry Park Hotel did a great job with its landscaping. The whole place was practically bloomed with rainbow-colored flowers. The variety was just incredible.

Not to be out-done was the nature too, blooming with wild flowers dotting the green carpet-like background with bright colors and unimaginable shapes and sizes.

Nature was showing-off and rightly so, as it was at its best.

We were fortunate to witness its beauty. Though my horizon is not vast, I regard Cameron as the Eden in the East as far as I am concern. Simply stunning!

I was at the perfect place to indulge myself with photography. Not that I am any good at it, the real work was done by my trusted Panasonic Lumix FZ10 digital camera. Can never leave home without it... when traveling.

I must say that during this vacation, my camera dial was set mostly to "Macro" than "Auto" because of the hundreds of close-ups I took of the flowers there... lots of flowers.

I was enjoying myself so much that I set Wifey and Son aback too often... they waited for me as I inched my way while snapping the interesting flowers after flower. I was the busy bee.

The hotel receptionist suggested that we go for a short 3-hour farm tour then wait for our rooms to be ready about noon.

With the preview of what nature had offered within the confines of the hotel alone, we took up the suggestion to explore the wild and what Cameron had to offer its excited concrete-jungle visitors from Singapore.

We booked the morning Flower Tour at the hotel Tour Office which was to start at 9:00am.

I cannot wait! I was more excited than my Son.

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