Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eye Am Good!

Had to rush from work today as Mom and Dad was expecting me to pick them up by 1:00pm.

I took the afternoon off to accompany Mom for her first eye check-up after a year has passed since she had her cataract from the right eye removed.

Had to skip lunch and took a cab from AMK to Woodlands. Fortunately for me the cab driver was willing to continue the journey from my parents place to SNEC at SGH in Bukit Merah.

We're Here!

Registration was a breeze. Our queue number 0931 was called in less than 5 minutes to be served even though there were a lot of people there. Lots of old people... granddads and grand-moms alike.

Another queue number 2742 was then given after registration to Room 30 where Mom had both her eyes tested by reading the letters off the projected screen... which by the way, she did very well.

She looked very pleased when the nurse complimented her good eyesight... then came the part she hated.

The nurse had to administer eye stinging drops on both eyes to get the pupils dilated for the doctor to check next at Room 24. She had to endure another round of eye drops when her pupils were not dilated enough a few minutes before the check.

A Sight For Sore Eyes

All that stinging pain was worth it when the doctor examined and declared that both her eyes are normal. He then pasted a "Discharged" sticker in her file which means she does not need to come for further check-ups anymore!

Mom smiled widely. At age 74, I believe her eyesight is better than mine! I think I smiled even wider simply because I felt happier than she was... to see her this happy.

We walked out and informed Dad of the good news. He smiled from ear to ear and started telling jokes as we made our way to counter 5 across the corridor.

Dad made payment of S$25.00 consultation fee and the whole thing was delightfully over under just over hour. Phew!

We had a good late lunch at SGH's Kopitiam canteen. The food tasted much nicer knowingly because we were in good spirits. Everyone finished their meal in record time... I guess we were that hungry... and that happy to clean our plates off like that.

The whole afternoon was then free for us to chat while sipping ice lemon tea and simply watch people passing by. It was a celebration of some kind.

It's Your Turn, Dad

Dad has to watch his food intake for these two days though.

No dairy products, no vegetables and no fruits for lunch and dinner today. A very strict coffee or tea with white bread for breakfast tomorrow morning before his turn to undergo his annual checkup.

I will be taking the afternoon off again tomorrow to accompany Dad for his second year colonoscopy procedure at 3:00pm. This always unnerves me secretly.

I thank The Almighty for this good outcome and pray for the same happy news tomorrow for Dad too.


  1. That's wonderful news about your Mom Imran! I've said a little prayer for your Dad today.

  2. Oh good. Your Mum has done fine and I hope the same goes for your dad too. They are lucky to have a son like you who pays such attention to detail where their health is concerned.
    They will both be reassured by your presence Imran.
    A prayer going up for your dad.

    I have posted the long awaited slideshow, well, the latest draft on my blog, just did it now, with my pics and Richie's music.

    Please let me know what you think. All feedback greatly appreciated.
    Have just spoken to Richie and he sends his regards. He has been having pc problems, something to do with not being able to get ''cable'' in his location, but he's working on it.
    Thanks friend.

  3. You're such a wonderful son, to do all of these things for your parents. So well that your mother if o.k. -- I hope all goes fine with your father. There will be another prayer from the other side of the world. :)

  4. Awwww I'm so happu to hear the good news regarding your Mom Imran. She seems to be a lovely lady.

    I hope you are being a good son and looking after her - but I'm sure no matter what you do she'll love you and you'll always be her lil' boy.

    Thinking of you all in my prayers.


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