Thursday, March 15, 2007

iConvert To iMac

I have not posted for the longest time, though I have been busy in with my computer.

It has been three months since the last SITEX PC Show at the Singapore Expo in early December 2006.

I forked out about S$1,200 for my Dopod C800 Windows Mobile 5 PDA phone. I hefty sum by my standard, but it is worth every dime as it has made my life easier and a little more organized.

Last Sunday, 11 March 2007 was the last day of a 4-day IT Show 2007 held at Suntec City.

iMac 17 20 24 Inch
The Inevitable...

Yes, the inevitable happened! I have officially converted. The picture should have given enough clue... denouncing my allegiance to Windows operating system, I am now a Mac convert.

This has been a dream of mine when I was exposed to Mac in the early days of my working life. The difference and ease of use then was a stark difference. Astonishing! So was the price tag that came with it.

I had to "endure" Windows and accustomed myself to using Microsoft's OS, not half bad, but the securities, the firewalls, the whole "update or be dead" agony is really too much for everyone with the relentless virus-generating protegies.

Now that I have some spare money to invest in tranquility of the computing world, I bought myself an iMac 24 Inch with Intel Core 2 Duo processor at on Staturday at the exhibition.

It pushed be back about $3,538.00... S$3388.00 for the iMac and additional S$150.00 for two optional items of an Apple 3 Year Protection Plan priced at S$249.00 and a Microsoft's Office:Mac 2004 at S$269.00.

I had to forego the freebies of an Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse upgrade as well as the AirPort Adapter priced at S$158.00.

All-in all the most important stuff were there - the 3 year warranty and the Office:Mac program that I need when I bring work home to do.

Apple iMac 24 Inch Intel Core2 Duo
The Unveiling...

Wow! and more Wow! were the only words I uttered when I started to setup my iMac.

Straight out of the box, I only needed to plug in a single power cord, the keyboard and mouse. Powered-on the iMac and it wowed me with its welcome video animation.

Keyed in some vital information about myself and my iMac was ready to use after conveniently connected to my wireless home network with WEP encription. I was set to go to explore Mac Tiger OS X in less than half an hour. Wow! Indeed.

As if the massive 24 Inch LCD screen with its clear and crips graphic had not more than impressed me already, the ease of navigating around with Tiger and the little attention to details with its animations just blew me away.

The installation of MS Office:Mac 2004 was so simple and hassle free. It took less than 10 minutes to get it installed by just dragging the icon into my folder. I was then able to run Excel and Words, PowerPoint and Entourage email with a click.

No complicated questions asked as oppose to my installing the MS Office on my home PC. It took me about an hour with questions after question, and prompts after prompts for missing font, blah, blah, blah and frustrations later!

iMac Remote For FrontRow
The Remote...

Wow! I pressed Menu and then I just smiled, and smiled more! A simple 6 button remote can make so much of a difference! The ease of using is incredible. Movie Trailers and Podcasts were great additions to the DVD playing theater-like screen.

I have to mention that I only needed 1 power cord to plug-in. No need for a sound system as the built-in speakers were just amazing and not over the top... makes for easy listening without tiring your eardrums.

IT Show 2007 Windows Vista Launch
The H-iLife...

Like a new big-boys' toy, I just cannot wait to come home and explore more of the wonders of this Tiger in my GymRoom. The more I delve into it, the more impressed I am with Apple.

No wonder I have heard friends and yes, sales persons telling me that once you have converted, you will not turn back.

The hurrahs of Windows Vista OS launch at the IT Show did not make an impact on me after I dabbled with it as compared to what Tiger OS X has to offer. I am not being ungrateful, I still have to use Windows and Microsoft Office at work, but Mac users had it already several steps ahead of what Windows Vista is capable now.

Well, my Windows PC will be handed-down to my son, while Wifey takes over our son's Windows PC.

Hers will be sitting in our new shop at Central in May 2007... that is after I reformat the whole harddisk as it went bonkers on me after the second update of Windows Live OneCare! Sigh... that is another long story.

Oh yes... Mac is immune to viruses! Yes!


  1. Good to see you back Imran.

    Wow! Fancy stuff there you've sounds very "easy"! I have a Compaq Presario (over 7 years old) and was told by a computer "expert" about 5 years ago it would die in a year! Well its not dead yet, and it's 5 years later! It's a real miracle! I just hang in there crossing my fingers all the time. I'm still in windows 98 have no fancy new stuff of any kind and everything is very very "slow". I could never afford to ever get anything new...and I'm just greatful that my pc is still alive! I would only wish to have a new pc so I can work on my Art work, graphics and writing much more "quickly" as it takes me so "looooonnnng" to do my Art graphics and such and scanning my work,etc..way too time consuming.

    It just amazes me of all the new kind of technology and Pc's they have out there now. They are so expensive I have no clue how people can afford it all! Yikes!

    I'm glad your enjoying all the new technology and I bet you are really so good at all that stuff.

    Signed "old fashioned pc Lady"..:)


  2. Phew!! Me, well I leave all my technology stuff to my Darling Daughter and Father of The Boy. Even The Boy (grandson) knows far more than me and he's only a baby. I just want to operate it all, nothing else. It all sounds groovy though....

  3. Mac? no thanx.
    But gotto love that iPod ;)

    Have a wicked weekend.

  4. I'm conducting an important readers poll, can you spare a minute?

  5. You need to teach me about all of this computer stuff, my friend. You know so much!
    Hope all is going o.k. for you. :)

  6. Good for you all looks very dreamy and the white colour scheme is very slick.

    I hope you have fun with your new ''big-boy toy''.

    Hey, if you ever have any spare time on your hands, you could work for one of them consumer testing companies where they ask members of the public to test out thier new products...and get paid!!!

    Please tell more about the ''Live one care'' experience you mentioned. I have it and am very curious as to what happened.

    Only if you have time though Imran. I know you will be wanting to ''check out'' your new toy and see how she runs...ha.

    Have a good week-end friend.

  7. Glad you are back man. I have a 06 Toshiba pretty good for what I need it for. The next thing that I am trying to get is an X-Box 360. I told everyone to just pitch in on a 360.


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