Friday, December 21, 2007

Dunman Secondary School

Right after the Eidul Adha holiday, it was time for our son to report to Dunman Secondary School at Tampines Street 45 this morning, wearing his Saint Hilda's Primary School uniform.

I took leave off work to go with Wifey and him to his new school, to have a look-see and buy his school uniforms and books.

It was very interesting to both Wifey and I to see how the school was like, being famous and popular for academic excellence that became the school of choice in the eastern part of the island.

Here We Are...

Reached at 8:30am and discovered that the school is closer to our home than we expected. Good for our son. His journey to and from the school will be short; even shorter if he was to ride a bicycle to school.

It would take him about 10 minutes to reach his school riding along Tampines Avenue 9, as it is the most direct route from our home. All he needs now is a bicycle once he is more settled-in.

Once we entered the school's main gate, we were greeted by the upper secondary students who were lined-up along the covered walkway all the way towards the canteen, where the registration was held.

That 3-Step Queues...

The registration desks were tended by the students themselves while the teachers provided guidance and crowd-control.

Next stop was the queue for school uniforms. It was a long queue, but a bearable one since the students provided long benches to parents queuing to provide some relief. It was also nice of the school to hand out bottled water to us parents in the queue.

I observed that the Dumanites showed genuine interest and very curious as they approached and made conversations with their new little charges... looking at their badges from different primary schools these sec-one-to-be were from.

Knowledge Is An Investment...

It cost S$65.00 to get 3 sets of school uniforms - white shirt to wear with a dark-brown neck-tie and white shorts. The shirt has an ironed-on Dunman badge in Malay and Chinese slogans - Pengetahuan Suloh Hidup or Knowledge Is The Torch Of Life.

The cost also included a piece of dark-brown Dunman T-shirt... practical color and design for rugged teenagers who normally have trouble keeping themselves looking clean.

Next queue was the school text books purchase.

It cost S$296.00 for a full-set of books and writing materials, including a scientific calculator for math, drawing set for arts and aprons for the now-compulsory Home Economics subject for lower secondary 1 and 2 students.

The literature reading books are "I am David" by Anne Holm and "The Good Earth" by Pearl S. Buck. I got to read a few pages from "I am David" while on our way back from the school... should be an interesting topic of discussion for the students.

It can never be anymore convenient as far as traveling to and from school is concern. Our son only needs to take Bus Service 293 from right in front of our block, directly to the bus stop situated right in front of his school!

December Is For Spring Cleaning...

Tomorrow will be the day to do some spring-cleaning to our Son's room.

Off with his primary school books to make way for his secondary. Wifey will be the enthusiastic one and will keep herself busy with binding each of our Son's books with plastic cover with passion.

All the children will have another week of December school holiday before all primary and secondary schools open next year after new year's holiday.

New Dunmanites will instead report to the school again on 28 December 2007 for an orientation together with at least one parent, before all Secondary One students go on for a 2-day 1-night camping organized by the school at Yio Chu Kang park on 3 and 4 January 2008.

The years have passed so quickly it seems.

Our Son has now grown to be a young teenager... from a tender sapling, we nurture him to be deep-rooted in sense of responsibility to himself, his family and society at large.

Ever hoping him to mature like a hardy tree bearing fruits of success in his studies and career, and someday his own family... helping to shade the underprivileged from the harshness of life.

As excited as Wifey and I are, we cannot help but feel older this year especially...

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  1. hey, i'm an ex-dunmanite. just graduated last year actually. dunman's a good school. i never regretted my choice of secondary school. hope your son will feel the same way too. i wish your son all the best in his new life in dunman


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