Sunday, December 09, 2007

3 For Three!

"Hello Mr. Imran, the taxi you called has been changed to 6611..." the lady over the phone told me.

"We have waited for 10 minutes for the cab, we will be late for our coach..." I replied, getting a little anxious as our on-call cab was canceled.

The lady explained that the cab was too far from our home to reach us by 7 to 9 minutes as informed by the automated booking service. She already told the new cab to fetch us as quickly as possible.

The Comfort Cab finally came after we waited for another 3 minutes. Phew! That was not exciting at all.

We reached Golden Mile Tower 20 minutes before departure and reported to 707 Tours & Travel agency to collect our meal vouchers and receipts for the 3 hotels that we would be checking-in to.

On to the 26-seater coach we boarded. The coach departed exactly at 9:30pm, en-routed to the Second-Link Causeway Immigration and onward to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before we continue the journey north-wards to Cameron Highlands.

Our vacation had finally started.

Three of us had our special places each - Cameron Highlands for me, Genting Highlands for Son and Kuala Lumpur for Wifey. As the saying goes, two is a company, three... for three is a perfect combination!

All three of us gave a sigh of relief as we enjoyed the night ride with our plush seats leaned back and leg-rests extended.

Strawberry Park, here we come!

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  1. off to yet another adventure bro? wicked! Have a fab one... btw, just love the name “Strawberry Park”, sounds so yummy ;)


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