Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweet-Sunday Visitor

"Ayah! Quick, come over to the garden...' Wifey said when she suddenly dashed into the study room.

"See? A hummingbird over there!" As she pointed excitedly at our morning visitor, busy hopping from one flower cluster to another.

I rushed over; not before I armed myself with my trusted Lumix Fz10 camera as I made my way outside to our Corridor Garden.

I saw nothing at first, but I aimed my camera at the direction Wifey was pointing to and started snapping away hoping to get a glimpse of the hummingbird that she saw.

At this point on, Wifey, our Son and myself were totally quiet except for the facial and frantic hand-gestures, pointing here and there as our little visitor hopped from one brunch to another.

After several blind shots, our morning visitor finally revealed itself to me.


Was my first reaction to it... though I am still as blind without my glasses, the pronounced yellow bird purged at the edge of swaying brunch giving a clear view for me.

It was stunning under the morning sunlight. A beautiful sight indeed!

Now I know how exciting and wonderful a feeling Barbara from Trying To Catch Up must have felt with every visit by the multi-colored and beautiful birds she had the pleasure of hosting at her bird feeder.

"We should put up a bird feeder in our garden, Ayah." Our Son softly commented while he watched the bird quietly alongside Wifey.

"What's up?" Our neighbor asked as he waited for the lift... looking at the direction the three of us was busy focusing at.

"Oh, nothing... its a Sunbird foraging in the our garden." I whispered to him.

Oh yes, a Sunbird! Hummingbirds hover, this one clings to the branches as it drank nectar from our Durantas... my mind was pondering.

A few snaps later and I got some good shots of our little guest. Though not as stunning a close-up photos as Barbara's but nonetheless thrilling.

Our little Sunday morning visitor turned out to be a female Olive-backed Sunbird or Nectarina Jugularis. A common Sunbird out of 13 species that are found mostly in the wetlands around our island.

We watched her hopping from flower to flower while we got closer. Though weary-looking, she did not fly away, instead she continued with her nectar feeding uninterrupted which was interesting to watch.

As described in Naturia website Yahoo! returned after a query on "Singapore Sunbirds," these species of bird is highly adaptable due to their lack of shyness to humans, often recorded living very close to urban areas... in balconies, gardens and parks.

Good morning, little fellow!

We will tend to our garden for more blooms so to entice you to come again soon... hopefully with your partner and little ones too...


  1. Wonderful pics Imran.
    Just the right way to start a gloomey monday is to be brightened up and cheered up by these colorful, warms pics and your perky post,

    Cheers bro!

  2. Wow, amazing! How cool is that to have little birds like that in your garden. Beats the crows, jays and robins I have in mine!!

  3. She's beautiful Imran. It is such a rush to be so close to a bird. Maybe you'll get as hooked on it as I am.

  4. These are super pics and of such good quality too. I doubt I will ever see one of them birdies hopping around in my garden so I will share yours.

  5. How beautiful Imran. Great photos that you captured of your little visitor. When I lived on the coast I had a humming bird feeder on my balcony and we had many hovering beauties visit daily. I loved it so much.

  6. Those pictures are great!!!! I've had a few of them here for a while, but I'm never able to "capture" them like this.


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