Friday, September 01, 2006

Comex 2006 Again!

Comex 2006 PC Show at Singapore Expo
Had an interesting Friday lunch today.

Together with our Customer from UK, 4 of us headed off to Comex 2006 PC Show at the Singapore Expo from our Ang Mo Kio plant.

The journey should be about 30 minutes tops by car, but I guess we were all excited and talking in the car, that our driver friend drove us all the way to Suntec City instead!

After realizing, we carried-on to the expo via Nicoll Highway, but made a wrong turn while driving in the opposite direction. We finally ended-up on East Coast Parkway Expressway and was on our way about an hour after.

Strange! All 3 of us seemed confused about the correct route to the Expo. We were very embarrassed for loosing our sense of direction. Our Customer seemed to know the way more that we were. Strange!

The PC show was a bigger event this quarter. It started yesterday, 31 August and will end this Sunday, 3 September 2006.

We had about an hour's worth of browsing.

I took the opportunity to buy 2 sets of ink cartridges for Wify's Epson MFP CX4100. At 20% off the usual price, it was worth it. A set to replace and another on standby and use for the period before then next PC show.

The next trip will be to scout for my Son's Sony 1G M2 Memory Card for his Sony Ericsson's T610 cell phone, and maybe a Scandisk 2G SD Card for my Lumix FZ10 camera.

Had a hands-on with Panasonic's newest 10.1 Mega Pixel Lumix FZ50. Super-awesome features! Would have snapped that camera up if they had a trade-in scheme or something.

Then again, my Lumix FZ10 is still my priced possession, doing wonders for me with my amateurish photography skill... if I can call it as my skill.

So many things to see, so little time to do it.

On our way back, you guessed it! Our driver friend missed the exit from ECP, so we ended up in Telok Blangah and crossed Bukit Merah to get to Central Expressway or CTE. We were back at the office at 3:00pm.

Nobody blamed anyone for the loosing our sense of direction that afternoon. I just think all 3 of us took stupid pills this morning, so we were numb to our senses.

Wonder what really went through our UK Customer's mind...

The longest lunch I had this year, but at least we enjoyed the a scenic drive.

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