Thursday, September 21, 2006

Advance To Excel-lence

Nanyang Polytechnic - NYP SingaporeToday, I completed my 2-day Macros & Advance Excel for Automation & Management course at Nanyang Polytechnic, conducted at School of IT in Block L, Level 4 L445.

The equivalent of a 60-football field school is only 4 bus stops away from my workplace.

The course was really what I wanted to better arm me with the knowledge for more advance worksheet tools and creation, as well as effective data management.

My everyday worksheets and reports will get better once I update them with the knowledge that I have gathered that will benefit both me and the internal people I work with, as well as my customers.

The Lecturers - Ms Unise Ang and Mr Lim were great... systematic and helpful. The course content was what I really needed for my daily use of MS Office 2003 Excel.

The school facilities are outstanding in my book, and the canteen food delicious as well as cheap. Kids these days are so fortunate. Luxurious as compared to when I was schoolling then... long, long time ago.

Yikes! I begin to sound like Grandpa.

Anyway, I consider myself lucky to have the chance to attend the class in replacement of my Boss who was not able to go.



  1. I miss the days of being a student, rather than a teacher. I love teaching but I already know what's going to happen. :)

  2. Hello Andrew,

    To me, being a teacher is the epitome of education, a life long learning. You have the power to mould young minds.

    You, being an educator and a very talented poet is impressive. You teach others about will-power and strength too when you went through your difficult time with your medical condition then.

    Impressive Bro. You're not missing anything.


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