Friday, September 08, 2006

The Population Explosion

Hamster Babies 2nd Generation. Photo by Danish
"Ayah! Another hamster is giving birth!" That was my son calling me at work this morning.

This is barely 3 weeks after the last female gave birth. This is the 3rd generation of hamsters!

Apparently, we could not give names to the hamsters because they are propagating at lightning speed than we can manage to get to know each one of them, separate them into different cages to prevent them from fighting for dominance, territory or whatever.

I guess I was treating these hamsters like cats; their characters and antics that carry the name given. Hamsters are just too fast moving.

Hamster Babies 2nd Generation. Photo by Danish
This new addition to the family makes err... 13th? Initially from the humble two. I know, "incest" is bad, very bad, but we are trying to cope with the population explosion here.

I definitely feel that the time has come to give away some to my nephews or nieces as long as I feel they genuinely want to have the hamster as pets and be responsible to care for them for the rest of the hamster's natural life.

I have never heard of neutered hamsters before, but I guess I just have to Google my information in the Internet to find out. Another thing to consider is the cost of such procedure.

It is like this...

Hamster Babies 3rd Generation. Photo by Danish
If you have both of the same gender, they will be great together in a cage, but when they are in heat, they start to fight for dominance, I think.

So, if you have a male and female couple, then they procreate and propagate exponentially. As if that is not scary enough, it is the inbreed that is bad, very bad.

For now, we have to find new cages to separate the Moms and their off-spring from other hamsters and our home now looks like a hamster-breeding farm!

Hamster Babies 3rd Generation. Photo by Danish
Need a solution. Must think fast before an exodus of hamster babies flood the living room!

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