Sunday, September 24, 2006

Faith In Me

As the call of Maghrib prayer was heard, preciously at 7:01pm, my son and I broke our fast for the first day of fasting in the month of Ramadan.

We made it special by having our dinner at Habib Seafood open-air restaurant at Street 81. Wify was not able to complete the family dinner because there was good business at her shop when I called her to meet up.

Chicken Rice was my son's favourite, so I had the same, but with side dishes of Butter Prawns, Kailan in Oyster Sauce and Tom Yam Seafood Soup to go with it.

Quite a helpful of dishes for just two people, but it tasted great when you have been fasting for the whole day since dawn till dusk... abstaining from food and water intake the whole period.

Ice-Milo and Ja-Ja Liang Tea were drinks gulped and finished half-way through dinner. We decided to order a large cup... well it really looked like a jar, of Longan Drink. It really did the job the quench our thirst.

Wify is the most strong-willed person I have ever known. Personally, she can be so energetic doing house chores, tallying previous day's sales and then attend to customers in her shop from 1:00 till 10:00pm daily.

This wife of mine amazes me daily. Love her conviction, love her dearly.

I guess my son gets his strong will to fast since he was still in kindergarten. Wanting to fast just like us, for half the day at first, a few days in the month.

He became strong-willed just like my wife, when he was still in Primary One. Quite hard at times, but a good nap takes away some time and he was all good right through break fast time at dusk.

He has since been completing the whole month of fasting every year and seemed so natural to him abstaining from food and water. I remember that I was terrible at fasting. I was even dragging myself back home from school and "collapse" into my bed spent when I reached home. That was when I was in Secondary School.

My son amazes me too, with his ease of fasting.

So this will carry on for the length of the month of Ramadan. After which we will celebrate triumph if self-control... abstaining from bad habits, gossips, ill-feelings towards another person, lots of prayers to cleanse ourselves and be nearer to The Almighty.

I am grateful to The Almighty that I have two wonderful people to share the joys in my life.

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