Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shrek's Our Third

"Let's go out for dinner tonight" I told Wifey over the phone spontaneously.

It was almost 4:30pm, a hour before I knock-off from work... early by my standards, understandably so, because it is the eve of a Vesak Day holiday.

After some suggestions and brainstorming, we decided to have dinner at Bhat Thai Restaurant at Tampines Mall... but before that, we made the dinner out a little more exciting... we decided to watch Shrek 3 at Golden Village Tampines at 6:30pm. Yes!

Third week in a row... first it was Spider-man 3, then it was Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End and tonight, Shrek 3!

Silly as it may sound, I enjoy Shrek movies more than the other two, simply because of its CGI, but most importantly its wits... just innovative; a-laugh-a-minute story. Awesome!

This time around, Gingerbread Man is most memorable to me when he had a nervous breakdown at sword-point; his life flashed before his eyes and he started singing to himself. That was hilarious!

There is more brain in that wooden head of Pinocchio's after all. He almost saved the day by not divulging Shrek's whereabouts until one of the Three Little Pigs "squealed."

I was quite disappointed with the ladies though...

Snow White was flaky and uncaring... passing out one of her seven dwarfs as nanny to Fiona, an expectant mother until she was back in her element again... calling all the forest's animals to help her with her trademark singing.

Sleeping Beauty was always in her dream-world, that is forgivable. Guess it was the side-affects she was experiencing from having a bite off the poison. The kiss from the prince was not all that was touted to be.

The high school scene was the innovative one. The most prominent was the yellow school bus... I mean, school... coach?

Gwen's nose was just too high at that age... that would be quite damaging to her image as we have known her all this while. Lancelot was a classic school jock-cum-bully jerk. Excellent imagination!

We had so much fun watching the show that it seemed to end too fast than we really wanted it to. This time around, I wished the show was a little bit longer just because it was very entertaining... totally at the opposite extreme end when I watched Pirates... I was "... At Wit's End" then.

But alas, even in fairy tales someone has to die... the frog... I mean the King did, which was how the search for a successor became a quest for Shrek himself.

Oh, yes... whatever happened to that deceiving Rapunzel with her golden extensions, anyway?


  1. I've been looking forward to the third shrek than the other two- neither of which I have seen yet (my boy has seen BOTH- without me- how wrong is that?)

    I had to work the nights he went with his pa. Oh well. I'm having a "girl's day out" with some girlfriends on Saturday- we're gonna go do girly things like get our hair done and stuff, so I'll get to have fun too!

    Nice reveiw- you made me want to see it even MORE. I'm looking forward to the gingerbread scene!

  2. I suspect you have spoilers intermingled in this post...

  3. Hey buddy, great post! I love Shrek! I look forward to seeing the 3rd installment. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for the movie review Imran! Sounds like this show as the best of the 3 for your family.

  5. You must pardon my ignorance Imran but what is ''CGI?'' I have no clue.
    Anyways, we are really looking forward to seeing this movie too.
    It is suitable for people from aged 9 to 99 I think.
    I just love the little dance at the end of the first one. When I first saw that, I couldn't stop laughing. I kept playing it over and over. The kids thought I was ''nuts''...ha.


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