Saturday, May 12, 2007

HamsterVille New Homes

It is the weekend again and I come to life again from my zombie-like state of mundane work-at-the-office routine.

From the hint of what the wind has blown into the living room, it was time again for HamsterVille town clean-up. Has it been 2 weeks already?

This time around, Wifey and I had a go at it right after breakfast. This time around the clean-up was much easier and quicker. With the new corn-cob bedding, the homes can stay clean and fresh for a week longer come to think of it. Oh, it has been 3 weeks since!

Wow! We have finally found the perfect bedding for this little residents comfort as well as saving some of our elbow grease.

This time around, after changing their homes from single to twin sharing and discarding their little plastic homes with the fluffy bedding which they seem to like sleeping outside now, the number of items to clean are greatly reduced.

Four hours later and were were done. Taking care of 24 residents in 12 separate homes is a great feat to have them all cleaned and freshly apple-scented.

To further speed-up next clean-up and bring order to HamterVille row of homes, I forked out more than S$100.00 buying 2 more new twin-homes to place the singles together for them to at least interact without fighting or getting kinky with one another as each home has a partition in between.

Now HamsterVille looks orderly from the outside and inside, the singles can now interact and mingle responsibly in their studio apartments. A win-win situation. Phew!

Now... for the Mayor and his Missus to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. CUTE little cozy nest eggs for your critters! That's no neat that you love them so much!

  2. Hello Lix-P,

    Yes, we love them very much and wish to keep them comfortable because they keep us happy as a family.

    Have a good week ahead.


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