Sunday, May 06, 2007

We'll Meet Again!

My Nieces & Nephews, Grandnieces & Grandnephews
It was just wonderful!

Everyone came to our Ryzz Danial's 2nd Birthday Party. I saw everyone was having a great time. Mom and Dad were already there when I reached our youngest sibling's home in Woodlands Drive 6 at about 6:30pm.

There were two birthday cakes on the coffee table - one with the photo cake I helped created the picture for them and another was a brainchild of his mother. A traditional glutinous rice with minced beef in curry... the first time I saw it made into a birthday cake. Creative indeed.

It was a surprise that my second brother's mother-in-law came to the party too. She joined my family camping at Changi Beach Park a bout two months ago. She has always been very chatty with Mom and she likes chatting with me too. A very nice lady.

Mom On The Left, Cik On The Right
Like any old lady with a warm and beautiful personality like Mom, my heart warms up to them and I would began to treat them just like my own Mom. Like my mother-in-law whom I love so dearly. These are special ladies in my life.

I do not know exactly why, but I always enjoy their company, their warmth and those funny old stories they tell when we sit around to chat.

The birthday boy had an extra tank of jet fuel last night. Well past his bedtime normally around 8:30pm, last night he was the life of the party, the most excited amongst all my nephews and nieces... and his nieces and nephews too.

Yes, I have become a granduncle according to Malay customs as my nieces already have children of their own... better stop here, I feel old just talking about it... the word grand is not that grand to me after all. Sigh... the denial.

Dad was just happy, kept laughing while watching all the little ones playing... and fighting among each other for toys. It was quite chaotic with the children, the happy-occasion-kind of way.

Get to meet a few of my nephews who have clearly outgrown me in height as they towered above me now. Some have already been in the army serving a mandatory national service for 2 years... as all the male citizen has to.

Birthday Boy Cutting His CakeA simple thank-you prayer was said, and it soon was time for the birthday boy to cut his cake. The event he had been anticipating the whole evening... probably because his photo was on the cake!

After several of his professional poses for the cameras , he finally got to cut his cake, already excited upn hearing his "happy birthday" song and rousing claps.

Then the most anticipated time began for me... the food gala began. Lots and lots of food and deserts. Ahhh, the life... the glutton in me.

I was so hungry, I forgot to take a snap at the buffet table, just because it was so interestingly colorful... the cakes, deserts and fruits.

I am tired of hearing this, but this is true... time flies when you are having fun. We stayed, mingled, talked, reminisced and joked all night long, and before we knew it, it was almost midnight.

We had to bid goodbye until next time...

Sounded it is going to be a while, but that next time may only be a few weeks away as there will be another birthday celebration... on the 20th of this month... at a chalet in Changi Beach maybe... awesome!

Until we meet again, stay wonderful and happy everyone.


  1. Goodness, you have been busy, your site has changed quite a bit since I was last here. Fantastic!
    WHat a lovely story about such a wonderful event. Family is very special and it was great to get an insight into your customs. Thank you

  2. You seem to be blessed with a lovely family Imran – you lucky guy! I hope you cherish, love & respect them cuz they are worth it.

    Love you send always comes around.

    Congrats to the lil’ one – may he always be blessed & loved.

  3. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. There are so many things I admire about your country Imran, my birthplace.
    The respect you have for your elderly citizens, National Service for the youngsters and so much more.
    How I would love to come there as an adult! Keep dreaming Ellen, it's good to dream.
    Whenever I see your pictures and read about your land, I have such a desire to visit.
    Maybe one day...who knows.
    I never dreamed I would meet a tall, dark and handsome American and cross the Atlantic, but I did...twice(cross the Atlantic that is).

    Am glad this family gathering went certainly do things ''in style'' out there.


  5. Family time can be so wonderful. It looks and sounds like you have a great family. Glad to know you enjoyed your time with them. Your nephew is very adorable. So cute. I think he looks like you a little. Have a great weekend.

  6. Tell the birthday boy I said happy birthday. Sorry I haven't been by lately. School takes up my time. I should be back to my schedule in the summer. I am glad you had a good time. I am glad you and your family are close.


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