Friday, June 01, 2007

Buying Some Company

Well, Vesak Day holiday last Thursday was great. We had nothing to do but stayed home and watched holiday movies, and playing with our hammies.

Dinner out was obviously a good idea. We decided to go to one of our haunts for seafood dinner. Bedok Market along Bedok Road came to mind and New Hawa Seafood Restaurant was our pick. The outdoor seating was always enjoyable for me.

It has been quite some time since we had seafood, so Chili Crab was always great to go with Baby Kai Lan in Oyster Sauce and we did not forget our all time food enhancer dish... Tom Yam Seafood Soup. All to go with plain white rice and Teh Tarik for both Wifey and I, while our Son had his... you guessed it, Ice Milo.

The food was scrumptious as our Son can testify because he finished his plain rice for once and before we could finish ours. He is after all, a growing boy.

It was our last dinner out together before Wifey and Son go off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to spend a week with her Mother, our Son's Wan as she is affectionately called by all her grandchildren.

By the time I reached home from work, the house was already dark and quiet. Both had left for KL with her Sister who drove her family as well all the way to Wan's place this afternoon.

I was already missing them when I switched on the lights as I entered. Dinner was bought from the new Malay food stall at S11 Foodcourt, but did not taste as great alone even when it was my favourite Mee Goreng Seafood or Fried Seafood Noodles.

My first meal alone really sucked big time... dumbfounded, not knowing what to do when the Friday Night Movie on Channel 5 ended.

Flipped channels but nothing interesting worth watching. Ended-up watching The Greek Islands on Discovery Travel.

I am definitely not an alone person... but I have to survive this week, just one week.

Oh, tomorrow is Saturday!

At least I have to go to my parents' place to catch-up on things and give them some spending money for this month.

Maybe they want to go shopping since it is Great Singapore Sale has started and there are very good bargains that they would like to get.

Oh, yes!

There's this PC Show 2007 that has started since the holiday and will end in Sunday. Wifey had repeatedly reminded me to not spend on any "gadget that you don't necessarily need."

No, I do not need anything this time... well, maybe... just a cradle for my Dopod C800 for my desks at home and in the office. I think I will go have a look-see on Sunday.

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