Saturday, May 26, 2007

Our Saturday Spin

It has been quite a long time since Wifey and me had time alone.

With our son having his last Malay tuition before the June school holidays, the whole day was ours to spend.

We were at our Son's Malay tuition centre this afternoon to enroll him on in a Malay language enrichment camp to better prepare him for his final PSLE exam in November.

He will be going to high school next year, so fortunately, only his mother tongue needs assistance. Wow! How he has grown.

Well, since Wifey had always wanted to shop at VivoCity, it was her time to shop there to her heart's content. Knowingly so, after being stuck at our shop for so long, she hardly went anywhere but commuting between home and the shop.

I had been there countless times with our Son and my parents, but today was the first time with Wifey. It was a great day with her.

The journey to Vivo was so much better when we took SBS Service 30 double-decker bus instead of the underground North-East Line or NEL train line.

The view from the bus was quite refreshing. Many once familiar sights have now been replaced with newer, more organized and modern sights. A definite change for the better... it has been that long since we last took that route.

The stark change was around Mountbatten Road with its food centres, the blocks of flats and the pleasant landscapes have totally changed from the old 1970s architectures.

Something totally new was when the bus went up the Benjamin Shears Bridge and passed the Singapore Flyer. Still in construction, but wheel is already intact, ready for the 28 capsules that can hold 30 people each will be an interesting sight later on this year.

Just yesterday, the news reported that it will start operation and open to public on 14th February in 2008... on Valentine's Day. The tickets have been booked solid for the next 3 months; at a price of S$29.50 for a 37-minute ride.

It is said that at 165 m high... on a clear day, one would be able to see the whole of Singapore and as far as the Indonesian islands. Something to look forward to with Wifey and Son next year.

The stretch of Port of Singapore Authority or PSA is always an amazing sight to see. Such a small island... almost not visible in the world map, but is the largest and busiest shipping port in the world!

We spent time at the new Republic Foodcourt with its old Chinatown charm setting.

Wifey surprisingly had Ice-Kacang or shaved ice with red beans, cocktail fruits and topped with different types of syrup. Lots of sugar.

I, on the other hand, just had my first Pepsi Max... you know, the one with that "Bad cheetah... that's why I have a hamster" advert... zero sugar, was it?

We spent some time at the rooftop overlooking Sentosa island... soaking in the breeze from the bay.

It was quite sad to see the Sentosa Ferry Terminal, the resort island's icon building had already been torn down to make way for the new Sentosa Integrated Resort or IR.

We had some sweet memories there while we were still dating. Nonetheless, it will be an awesome sight to behold in 2009 with Universal Studios Singapore coming our way. Yes!

Like all responsible parents, we could not help but stop by Pet Safari to get some lavender-scented sand bath packs and new food bowls for some residents of HamsterVille.

That was after Wifey spent a whole hour shopping at Daiso, a Japanese $2.00 discount store.

A wonderful day spent together alone; just talking and enjoying each other's company. It reminded me of when I was still courting her at the same spot before the old place called World Trade Centre was torn down for VivoCity.

The spin of things... the weekday was so fast to come and today was as fast to end. Before long, it was time to go home and clean HamsterVille. Yes, that time again... all 12 cages of it.

What more can I tell, but I love the weekend, cages cleaning and all.


  1. I am jealous. I love your photographs and wish I could see these sites for myself. It is like seeing pictures of a great piece of art, but never truly seeing it.

    Does this make sense?

  2. Omg I just loved the pics, especially the one with the purple sky. I’m so totally making Singapore my next vacation spot 

    It sure sounds like you guyz had fun. Good, you totally deserve it.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    IOH, OOH | It makes perfect sense to me.

    Like postcards, the photos are incredible and you just wished that you will one day be there, on that very spot, soaking in all the wonders that make the place fantastic and desirable.

    As enthusiastic as I am about the whole thing, I prefer nature more to urban development.

    This island is so small and compact with concrete jungle, there are not many large stretches of land for nature left as the horizon is blocked by buildings.

    Crashy | Well, it will be kind of bluish-purple most times when the sun is setting.

    Nothing like Venice with old world charms, but more like Hongkong with its modern cosmopolitan infrastructure and many ethnic races.

    You are welcome to come here anytime.

    Yes, we sure had a great time alone... after a very long time.

    Have a great week ladies!

  4. Cinema, twisters, shopping!!!

    Gosh, you certainly know how to embrace life. I think I will take a leaf out of your book friend and start having some fun.
    At the moment I am having a stressful time trying to paint and re-floor Becky's bedroom.
    Gosh...I will be glad when the deed is done.
    Highlight of my day...talking to Richie on the phone for an hour...heaven...sigh.
    Take care good friend.

  5. Having 4 kids now, I don't think My wife and I will have a day alone until we're in our late 50's!
    I love the 1st photo.

  6. Time with the whole family is great, but you and your wife need to be alone sometimes.


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