Friday, May 25, 2007

A-rrr Twisty Tale

Photo Off STOMP! By A.Hafiz

Today was definitely an interesting day, besides being a Friday, and being the prelude to the two most favourite days of the week... Saturdays and Sundays, it is the weekend again!

My colleague and I were at our Customer's place in Changi South Lane at about 3:00pm. Excitedly our Customer showed us what she had captured with her digital camera out of her office window, just before we arrived.

It was a large waterspout off Marine Parade... the largest I have ever seen, though it was known that our island would experience such natural occurrences several times a year. This, is the second one that I know of from last year's August encounter off Jurong Island.

I have actually seen such waterspout twice in my life time, but they were both oh so puny, nonetheless were incredible. Nothing close to the often destructive twisters the large plains in the US are experiencing every year... good thing that these waterspouts will dissipate as it nears land.

It was like a prelude to something weather-related... Calypso to be precise; as I was to meet both Wifey and Son after work for a Pirate of the Caribbean - At World's End movie at Tampines Mall.

Yes, another movie just after last week's Spider-man 3.

The happenings on Friday was great. The movie was another story altogether though. I have never come out of a movie bewildered like I was after watching it. The story was so "twisty" I lost interest three quarters of the way and almost fell asleep.

I just did not get it... maybe I was too tired out after work to concentrate on the movie.

My son was so thrilled to watch it just because it was after all a pirate movie. Wifey has Johnny Depp and that cute, slap-stick of a monkey...

I was very interested on the part of the western perception of Singapore being geographically still, somewhere in China despite it being in the equator... in the Malay Archipelago... and the surprised take that it was the centre of a Chinese pirates' haunt of an island, history wise.

That's Hollywood for you!

At least both Wifey and Son enjoyed the show very much. I enjoyed the popcorn and soda... and yes, the CGI was impressive... once Calypso was released.


  1. When I see a tornado or waterspout I feel exhilarated. There is something to be said about such raw power. They are frightening and yet they mystify us to the point of lingering too long just to watch them run their course.

    A few years back in a bad storm I went to get my son and 15 feet away as I was driving a small tornado decided to touchdown right beside me. I cannot remember feeling so eager to flee and yet intrigued so much that something I have been fascinated with my entire life somehow made the choice to give me an up close and personal view.

  2. Unfortunatly, Americans are not famous for their geographical skills! Sorry!
    How was the movie? Worth seeing? my son owns the first 2 (they're somewhere in the black hole of his closet). My hubby and son went to see it last night, but alas, I had to work! Oh well!

    That's one impressive water spout!

  3. That is an incredible photo. I have never seen an actual twister and hope I never do.

    My Kids want to see Pirates. They have seen the other 2. I'm not interested, even more so after reading your post.

  4. That first photo is terrifying! Makes me think of the tornadoes that are going to start soon here.
    Even though what you said, I want to see that movie. Looks interesting.

  5. Haven't seen the Pirates movie. I have not seen a twister either. We are considered to be tornado country here on the prairies. I have dreamed about being in a real tornado. It is very scary , and I wake up in a cold sweat. I pray we will not see one for a very long time, if ever.

  6. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    IOH,LOOH | You are right. That is how I would feel and react. Something like "curiosity kills the cat" syndrome... I don't know if that is a good thing for us.

    Nonetheless, you had actually experience something totally awesome... though I have to be careful with what I wish for in this case.

    Liz-P | Nothing to worry. It is easier to stay with a certain stereotype for movies I guess.

    The movie was a doozy for me. I would have called it "... At Wits End" because I just wished for it to be over after 2/3 into the movie.

    I cannot blame the twisty plot though, partly is my fault because I missed watching the second one and I was just too tired to stay focused for anything.

    I'm sorry you had to miss it with them.

    You know what, however disorienting the movie was for me, being with the two most important people in my life there made it all worth the nauseating ride.

    Carol | I agree. Stuff like this is always awesome from afar. Pray hard it does not come too close for comfort or start destroying anything along its path.

    Yikes! I hope I didn't ruin your family day out if you decided not to go with them.

    I'm kind of slow on the uptake usually, so you may like the movie a lot... you never know.

    Andrew | Interesting you said that. It is as casual as if the rainy season is coming... tornado? Yikes!

    How many have you seen or experienced?

    It makes for an awesome photo in you post, but I would not urge you to do anything dangerous.

    I think you will enjoy watching how happy and fun your children will be when they watch the movie, more than the movie itself.

    Wandi | I think it is very fortunate of you to not see a tornado and I hope you will not either.

    I know it can be devastating when it happens there almost every year from the news and discovery channels I've seen. It is indeed scary when property, life and limb are at stake.

    Have a great week ahead everyone!


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