Thursday, May 10, 2007

Finally To Infinity

Since I switched to iMac, I had the longest and arduous task to hand-down my Windows XP Acer Aspire PC to my son, and re-condition his Windows XP PC to hand over it to Wifey.

Wifey's slow Windows XP PC will be used for our shop. Re-conditioning this last PC was a doozy.

The hand-me-down shuffling took longer than expected... more than two weeks, as I did bits and peaces when I had spare time albeit all the excitement after getting my iMac.

Finally, after migrating my all important emails, work and personal finance files, tons of photos and edited vacation videos to my iMac, my Acer Aspire PC was ready to receive my Son's data.

He did the transferring over himself. Since these PCs were connected wirelessly, it made the whole migration exercise all that easy.

The physical carrying the PCs from one room to another sucked, but it gave a chance to clean-up its vent holes and cables from accumulated dust.

Interestingly, my Son has more data to transfer than I have. A lot of power-point presentations, short movie clips and worksheets from his school projects, lots of downloaded articles on animals, nature, how stuff works... anything science-related, his interest.

The most time consuming for him was the numerous PC games he had accumulated over the years, with some over the internet. He did the whole installations and online updates over several days... the focus of his new PC use, I guess.

Finally, was his comment when the PC was placed on his study table and the latest games was played. I have to admit that the graphics was indeed great with no lagging when played. He was ecstatic, though I just hope I will too with his final term examination results... I just have to control his time playing those PC games.

Finally. Yes, after migrating Wifey's emails, documents, merchandise catalogs and photos, spreadsheets from the old Pentium 2 Siemens PC to our Son's Pentium 4 Acer Aspire, Wifey now does not need to wait longer than she has to launch her Excel worksheets.

She is happy to play her MP3 songs on iTunes while working on her new PC.

Finally I can breathe a sigh of relieve when the old Siemens PC was finally working and its Windows XP OS updated to the latest once reformatting was done.

The tedious job of installing Windows XP was not the installation itself, In fact, it ran quote automatically for most part of it. It is the incessant updates after another and reboots after reboots to have it to the latest secure OS... for now that is, like all Microsoft products are accustomed to.

No, I'm not blaming Mr. Gates here, it is just that his products are so popular... to attacks.

After the discovery that this PC was not compatible to install Windows Live OneCare, a 3-PC Home Package I bought online, almost ritually, I had to download the two most important free security software - AVG Antivirus from Grisoft and Ad-Aware SE from Lavasoft, both from CNet Asia Download website.

The PC is ready for the shop... when we find one that is. Sigh. That is another story altogether.

Finally... phew! Now I can relax and experience my iLife on my iMac and do some blogging... yes blogging.

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