Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Labour Of Love

Yesterday was a good day for me.

Call it Labour Day or May Day, but a public holiday on a Tuesday nonetheless and I made the best of it with family by stretching it longer with dinner out on Monday, right after leaving work. Sweet!

Do nothing, but doing our labour of love with Wifey and Son... let me list the ways...

1. Food! Eat and be merry.

  • Met Wifey and Son at Courts Megastore at Tampines Avenue 10 and had a big sumptuous dinner.
  • Wifey had its Weekly Special comprising of Laksa for entre, Red Bean Soup for desert and a soft drink.
  • Son and myself both had Fish & Chips with Cream Cake for desert.
  • A jumbo Thai Salad side dish for 3.
  • Wifey is trying to figure out what the sauce comprised of to maybe recreate it at home. Yes, it was that good!

2. Music! Listen & de-stress!
  • Off to the IT & Electrical Department after dinner where we bought 4 music CDs of our current favourite singers... Andrea Bocelli's Amore, Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics, Beyonce's B'Day and Nelly Furtado's Loose.
  • Once home, I wasted no time to rip the CDs on my iMac and loaded into everyone's MP3 players.

3. Knowledge! To the future and beyond!
  • We had quite a busy day yesterday. Instead of doing nothing, we had an 11:00am appointment with our Son's Malay Language tuition teacher from ECC.
  • Mr. Rani enlightened us with what to expect for our Son's August Oral and September PSLE Written exam formats and the strategy to choosing the correct secondary school.
  • We have seen vast improvement in our Son's command of the Malay language which is his weakest subject. Mr. Rani is expecting him to score an A for it. Hopefully.
  • We had a very satisfying Mee Kuah for lunch at a Indira Coffee Shop in front of Masjid Kassim. Delicious! I will come for more.

4. Pets! Love thy neighbours... HamsterVille.
  • Hopped on the MRT and to Eastpoint at Simei and shopped for a new cage with a partition in the middle for the feuding pair,.
  • 3 sets of "thread-wheels" to replace the worn-out ones from various homes since these residents are so... health conscious.
  • And giving a try with the new corn cob bedding for them, since these are recommended to be even more absorbent and longer-lasting.

5. Shopping! Groceries after pay-day.

  • Then off to NTUC Fairprice at the basement for our monthly grocery shopping and then to the 5th floor for Banquet Foodcourt for our packed dinner... and able to actually reached home, in time for Wifey's favourite Korean "I love my wife..." whatever show.

A good holiday for everyone here. A great day even, when you're doing it with and for family.

Oh yes, short work-week this week. Yes!


  1. Glad to hear you had a great day. Good choice of music. By the way how is your little hamster patient doing?

  2. Aren't holidays great- even when they're not? I mean, just spending a seemingly "dull" or "regular" day with loved ones is so enjoyable!

    Have you looked at Dan's "spins" section? He has some interesting musical selection on it I think you might enjoy. (Dan as in Dan's blah blah blog )

  3. always seem to be able to pack so much in to your days. I kind of fumble my way through mine...ha.
    Plenty of food and refreshment breaks. Sounds good to me.
    I see you have an ''ear'' for the ladies, where music is concerned, and Andreas too. He has an amazing voice.
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday day.
    We have one Monday...not sure what is happening yet.
    Take care...

  4. This sounds like a wonderful holiday time! You're not kidding -- you sure kept busy. :)

  5. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Wandi | Had a very good holiday and the way it turned out. Cool songs that Wifey wants to have it in her MP3 to listen to when she's doing chores around the house.

    Thanks for asking. We are so proud of Chancey.

    Last check, her gapping surgery wound has totally closed-up and she is as active as the other hammies.

    Only now, she is so fond of us instead of being afraid that we were going to give her more pain while we had to clean her wound several times a day then.

    Liz-P | Spending time with family is always great, even greater when it is a holiday. Love every moment together.

    Dan's blog is totally awesome! A funny guy living with a feisty cat.

    I enjoy his posts. Wish I could write as interestingly like as if he is talking with you.

    About his Mom is something I can really relate to... the nostalgia part when he saw the food his mom prepared for him.

    That post it sweet and touching... should dedicate that post to all those wonderful Moms out there.

    I was shocked to see the number of messages he got. Out of this world!

    Thanks for the link. Lots of interesting readings ahead for me... to make up for my lack of reading books.

    Ellen | You are right. I tend to pack lots of things into one... making the most of it... can never sit still unless at my iMac.

    These are very talented ladies with powerhouse voices whom I admire.

    Wifey likes some of the songs from these singers and wanted to have them loaded in her MP3 player.

    Since Singapore is not one of the countries that we can purchase an online song off the iTunes Store, nor are there any best hits compilations, we just had to buy all the CDs instead.

    Worth every penny. These are awesome ladies.

    Great! You're having one on Monday. Have a great, great day too!

    Andrew | Yep. As predictable as I am, I was thinking more of a lazy day at the beach, but Wifey wants to go places and shopping instead, to make up the time lost when she was stuck at the shop all the past year.

    Worth every moment together, just because we were going out as a family again after so long.

    Thanks again for coming in. Have a great weekend with your loved ones.


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