Friday, May 04, 2007

Prelude To Weekend

Food Republic VivoCity
Thank God It's Friday!

Since I was near VivoCity after getting off work from a customer's office, I had the chance to finally grab my oh so late lunch at Food Republic located at the rooftop of this giant of shopping mall.

Being the first time in the food court, I was impressed by the old-charm prewar-themed deco once stepped in.

The background music of old Chinese yesteryears song completed the ambiance of the old days, older than I can imaging. Very interesting feeling... I felt as if I was zapped back in time... in the 1930s and 40s... of how my parents saw their surroundings while they were growing up.

I had Chicken Beryani, a North Indian dish, made famous by Malays as they will definitely serve their guests lunch with. The food tasted so good, simply because I had my lunch at 5:00pm!

Yes, I was that hungry... skipping lunch for last minute changes to the presentation slides with the latest updates that we got from production.

And yes! Talking about food, the HamsterVille residents only eat happily from one brand and one brand only... the elusive Prestige Hamster Nature food. Island-wide, hamster owners have been scouring every pet shop for this brand just because it has the best combination and still-fresh food the little people love.

I have tried to give them several other brands like Menu, but they simply reject it by not touching it much for several days. That made me very worried, so I have to stock up and leave orders at Pet shops when new stocks arrive.

Being Mayor of HamsterVille is tough... big power comes big responsibilities.

Pet Safari VivoCity
So stopped by Pet Safari after "lunch" and bought 4 packs, the only left and 2 more Hamster Wheels to replace those old, worn-out and noisy ones and 4 more Hamster Bath Houses.

That set me back about S$70.00. Sigh... all for the love of family.

Oh yes! We have been invited to my younger brother's son's birthday party tomorrow afternoon. This should be fun with all the family members congregating together.

I can picture how great a time we all will be having at the party!

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