Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spider-man (For) 3

Booked online and ready to watch Spiderman 3 at GV Tampines cinema this evening.

Since Singapore is such a fine city, there is always some kind of standing rule. Golden Village has its GV House Rules themselves... well, at least some of them are for the benefit of their paying customers such as no smoking or using cell-phones rules while the movie is showing.

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Planned to meet our Son at Tampines Mall after his Malay language tuition class; three of us will have dinner at Century Square halal foodcourt on the 3rd floor before the show starts at 6:30pm.

He should be very happy to receive my SMS to him this afternoon as he has kept reminding me to watch the show since before its island-wide release.

This is going to be a fun family outing today. Yes! I love weekends.


  1. I love family outings! Hope you enjoyed Spiderman.
    (My troupe went minus moi.I was working and besides I don't like all the stringing from all the high buildings. I'll wait until it is available on DVD)

  2. So, did you guyz fancy spiderman 3? Can't wait till friday - have booked tickets for the new Pirates movie for me and a friend.

  3. I hope you enjoyed it! I haven't seen any of the Spiderman movies. It is wildly popular here too. I should rent them.

  4. Spider Man 3 was good if your a fan of spider man. I am so I enjoyed, but I also saw the flaws very well. I hope to post much more. I will stop by here. I hope you will stop by my blog.

  5. Hi Imran, sounds like a lovely day and a nice treat for your family. I hope your son approved of the movie. Mine said it was great but too much love story (he called it a "chick flick"). I think movie theatre rules are funny when they are portrayed in cartoon format like that!

  6. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Carol | I am like a child waiting for my parents to bring me to the zoo. That is how happy I am just waiting for the weekend to come and go out with my family.

    I've watched the show, I'd buy the DVD when it is available too.

    Crushy | Everyone enjoyed he show, especially when all three of us are together. A very good show and full of action.

    There are instances where the show made ME cry! Fortunately the cinema was dark and I got to dry my eyes before the lights came on. Dang!

    Barbara | I am not much for comic superhero movies, but for the sake of our son, we went simply because he has worked hard for his mid-term exams and a reason to be together as a family.

    The show as good... extremely good if I was still a teenager. High action, drama and sappy at times. All the emotions in one superhero movie.

    C-Dell | Flaws. Yes many of them. I jokingly asked my son if the web Spidey span is bio-degradable as it will mess up the whole city with cobwebs in time and he defended it firmly as Spiderman is on of his favourite superheros.

    Mompoet | The day was spent enjoying the movie and each other's company after a stressful few weeks for my son leading up to his mid-term exams.

    Now it is over and the month-long June school holidays is nearing for some time-out from studies at least for a week or two for him.

    Thank you all again for your messages. Have a wonderful week too.


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