Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Different Goodbyes

HamsterVille CemeTree Danish & Wednesday At The Burial
Continuing from yesterday's events in HamsterVille, today is probably the most beautiful day right from the morning when we woke up.

The sun was shinning bright, the day was clear with fresh breezy air after the late night's heavy rain. The perfect day had its bittersweet events too, though.

We had to say 3 goodbyes at 3 different events.

HamsterVille CemeTree Wednesday Helped To Dig Too
Goodbye Babies...

The 2 babies out of a liter of 7 were found dead. So our son was the official person to do the burial at HamsterVille CemeTree.

He was not alone. In fact Wednesday was there to accompany him for the burial this morning.

She followed him down to the burial site and helped our son somewhat... sniffing the ground and at one point actually used her paws to help our son dig the ground.

Well, she did not actually help dig, most probably because she was more curious than anything else. Amazing sight nonetheless!

Wifey and I was quite amazed at her antics. It lifted the solemn occasion to a rather interesting sight. It lifted our son's spirits up too in fact. Once the burial was over, Wednesday as always trailed behind our son back home. Amazing cat!

HamsterVille Condo Babies
Goodbye Hammies...

Today, Ms Ros has confirmed that she will be adopting 2 of our hammies.

Since I had another event to attend to, our son had taken the 2 hammies to Tampines MRT station at about 6:30pm where she and 2 of her sons were waiting with a cage for the pick-up.

She sent me a thank-you message once she had taken the hammies. I am so happy that the 2 hammies have a good home now with their new owners.

Our son handled it well too. He understood that it was for the greater good as this old Mayor just do not have the youthful energy to tend to a large population too well.

Catty The Catfish Freedom At Last
Goodbye Catty...

As I mentioned earlier, while our son was saying goodbye to the 2 hammies at Tampines MRT, I was saying goodbye to Catty at Bedok Reservoir.

Our 2 by 1 feet aquarium was just too small, and claustrophobic for our Catty who, by today, had measured about the same 2 feet when it laid still... sprawled diagonally across the length of the tank.

Catty had outgrown the tank and for the past week, quite restless, by splashing water out now an then. Not sure if the residents of HamsterVille were unhappy with the unexpected drizzles from their upstairs neighbour...

Wifey and I had decided that Catty would have to be released to the wild... Bedok Reservoir quarry.

It was tough to actually get big old Catty into a 1.5 feet plastic terrarium for the transportation. It gave a good struggle when I tried to pick its slimy body up after draining the water tank to a few inches.

I had to use a plastic shopping back over it and slowly lifted it up... transferring it to the awaiting plastic tank, half-filled with water that I placed inside Wifey's shopping trolley.

Walked all the way to the quarry where I met 4 men who were sitting there tending to their makeshift herbal farm.

They came to see Catty and helped me release it into the reservoir. Catty did not struggle, maybe tired from the struggle earlier and the 10 minutes journey she had to endure.

Catty went into the water, stayed a while at the shallow end where I released it... and then went into the deeper end where it blended so well with the quarry floor, I could no longer spot it anymore.

Bedok Reservoir Quarry Sunset
I left the quarry rather sad because I will miss that big pig of a catfish's antics, but definitely more happy than not, that it now has a vast playground where the sun shines. I just hope I do not see a newspaper photo of a man holding a prized catch from the quarry years from now.

I really hope that I have not disrupted the ecosystem either... then again, it was a granite quarry before, whatever inhabitants there most probably were introduced the way I did it. That was what one of the men who helped told me.

Now, the aquarium is freed-up again for aquatic garden with colourful little fishes to soothe my tired mind when I return home. I am sure the residents of HamsterVille will appreciate it too.

Our son has successfully set-up a self-contained eco-terrarium at school and got first for his effort when the plants and fish thrived. He has the same plan at home too. I am considering his suggestion. I am hoping that there will not be any unexpected life-form that I have to care for when something goes wrong.

A very eventful... bittersweet Sunday, indeed.


  1. I am sorry about this I know how much they mean to you.

  2. Ooooh-
    so sorry to hear about your losses. Every animal is precious, each unique. It is good that they were loved while they were here.

  3. I hope Catty enjoys his new home, he must like being able to swim freely. He is probably very happy, maybe he's even found some other fish to hang around with.

    We had ceremonies for our hamsters too. I think it is a good thing, especially for the children. They learn to honor their pets. I think it also teaches them how to handle grief, which touches nearly every life.

  4. You've all gone through a lot of grief (like Barbara said) lately. A lot of heartache. You can't take care of every little animal and feel responsible for all of them...that's much too hard on all your "hearts".

    Maybe make some good compromises, but oh I know its so hard isn't it? I don't even know how you handle all this. Just having one animal, my cat, can get very overwhelming sometimes as she is completely indoor only..but she's very healthy because of being indoor only..but a lot of work for me to keep up with.

    I know it will all work out and your son has been such a "trooper" hasn't he? Plus he's learning a lot about nature and animals at such a young age..



  5. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by.

    C-Dell | The fact that they are living under the same roof as us, and taking care of them daily have us attached to each one of them really close.

    It is tough to say the many types of goodbyes - death, adoptions and release to the wild. We love animals.

    Liz-P | Yes, each one of them are precious as they each have their own individual antics.

    Being attached to them makes it hard to say goodbye. I really liked what you said that "they were loved while they were here." It hits home. Thank you.

    Barbara | You are right, Catty should be happy that it is free now.

    I wish I could see Catty from time to time over at the quarry, like you can see and take beautiful pictures of the many types of birds that stopped by your feeder.

    I agree with you. My son is handling the grief quite well now and he honours his pets even more by being more responsible for them.

    Rhiannon | True, but I just can't help it. Everyone of those animals somehow touch our hearts in many ways.

    We feel responsible for their well beings to keep them in good health. We cannot escape the fact that a death of one will affect us, even if we try to take it lightly, especially for me.

    We will go through this many more times as we have so many of them here.

    Parting with them through adoption is much better than witnessing their deaths.

    Thank you all for your kind words. Have a good week ahead.


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