Monday, March 26, 2007

Three's A Crowd

Wifey Trying HEr Luck At Giant's S$1000 Weekly Jackpot
It comes in threes... that was what I remembered Ellen from Coffee Granules commented in one of my posts about the superstitious bad luck.

Well, for us it did come in threes, but all three of us simultaneously had a horrible night last night.

Towards the evening, I was already feeling that I was going down with flu. My body was already aching and clear water was actually dripping out of my nose! My chest was feeling tight and sometimes burning. I knew I had to take medical leave on Monday. Oh man!

I retired to bed earlier than Wifey after waiting for her to come back from the shop at about 11:00pm. She had her late supper and retired later.

With a Vicks Inhaler stuck in one of my nostril and intermittent coughing that kept me waking-up from time to time for the whole night, Wifey woke me up at 2:44am this morning, apparently wheezing and her back arched forward as she tried to control the pain.

She could not breathe properly. She was having an asthma attack... a nasty one too, something she had not gotten for over 10 years! Oh dear!

I grabbed her Salbutanol medication from the kitchen. She took it immediately. While I sat on the bed and messaging her back to give her some ease, along came our son to me... wheezing too! Oh my God!

Here I am, dripping from the nose, 2 tissue papers rolled-up and stuffed into my nostrils, messaging Wifey, and our son had his asthma attack too. What more?

Though mild, his wheezing had him difficult to breathe too. It kept him awake. So, to the kitchen I went again and gave him his dose of liquid Salbutanol. Oh boy!

2 is company, 3 is a crowd!

All 3 of us were still awake at 5:15am in the wee hours of Monday morning!

Wifey gave the worst scare. After more than 20 minutes, her symptom did not seem to subside. I was already certain to send her to Changi Hospital A&E clinic that very moment, but she persuaded me to give the medication some time to take effect.

It did its job. She finally was relieved from the tightness feeling and was able to breathe normally again. Phew!

When the scare was over, we went back to bed... trying to get whatever sleep we could.

I woke-up at 6:00am automatically like clockwork everyday. I felt like crap! My head was throbbing, my joints were aching and yes, my nose was still dripping water.

Woke our son to bathe and get ready for school. He was his normal self, not looking tired. That was good. Made him his hot cup of Milo and some biscuits before he catching the bus at 7:00am.

Giant Hypermart 40 Checkout Counters
I could not get to sleep anymore, so I read the morning papers until Wifey woke up at about 8:00am. Got myself ready and went to our family doctor when it opened at 8:30am. I was administered with Phenexpect CD cough syrup, Febricol For my flu and fever and lozenges

Wifey and I were trying to figure out what happened to each one of us...

I could not figure out how I caught the flu bug as I did not go out to any crowded places.

Wifey could not figure out her attack either, though she suspected she drank a cold Sour Sop drink before she came back.

Our son... well, we know he finished off the carrot juice that was in the fridge after dinner without us knowing. I only saw the empty plastic bottle near the rubbish can.

Lunch was at Giant after I came-to from the morning dosage. Wifey bought her Salbutanol pills at the pharmacy. I left for home to whimper and go back to sleep while she left for the shop. Tough lady.

I have to sleep early tonight, from how I am feeling, I do not think a day is sufficient enough rest for me because I still feel like crap.


  1. OH, I am so sorry all 3 of you have to go through this again..but even here people are getting that nasty flu 2 to 3 times..just when they think they are over it, it seems to start all over a few days later..that's what happened to me also..sounds like you all need to boost your immune system to keep it from happening again. I don't have a great immune system so really have studied a lot on how to keep it "going" strong as much as possible. Some ideas for you can take them or leave them, it's just whats helped me and some friends I've shared about it with.

    I try to stay away from the allopathic "meds" as they really lower your immune system trying to fight "the flu off"..and so do antibiotics they lower your bodies inability to fight...and instead try alternative medicines, like a concentrated Echinachea with Golden seal(a natural antibiotic)to help my immune system and to kill any bacteria or whatever..Echinachea stimulates the immune can drink it in tea form or whatever. Also I drink green tea and add the concentrated Echinacea and Golden Seal 5 drops of it in the tea. Green tea has more antioxidants in it than a whole salad! Aloe vera gel is good also,not the juice but the "gel" form...just add a very tiny drop of aloe vera gel into the green tea with the Echinachea and Golden seal already in there and stir..doesn't taste great but keep at it and "sip slowly" a few cups a day if you can. Orange juice. Stay away from pumping a lot of vitamins into you and stick with the "foods" greens, antioxidant type foods, etc. Oh and I have a little secret that silly as it sounds does help. Drink a can of pepsi when your really miserable and nothing seems to in the days of old they used to do this..its the combinaton of citric and phosphoric acid and the carbonation, can throw pepsi down the toilet and it will kill the germs! think about that one!..It really helps to also acidify the body in order to fight off germs..The pepsi will acidify you immediately..of course you could try vinegar for that but doesn't taste as good as pepsi!..:(

    When really desperate I will take a small amount pill of a decongestant without the antihistamine..antihistamine makes your sinuses dry..but decongestants might make you feel a bit hyper..

    And when out in the world when in a bathroom wash your hands and when drying them with the papertowel, use that papertowel to open the door when you exit! Most people don't do this and are spreading flu germs all over doorknobs and peoples hands,etc..and my last suggestion an alternative medicine Dr. taught me..when out in the world and people with flu all around and such, never touch your face, as your muocus membranes are all there, your eyes, your nose, your mouth..other than your hands (which touch your face) that's where all the germs get into your system and you get the flu and colds etc..wash your handswhen you get home before you touch your face..if you have an itch and can't help but want to touch your face (yes, it drives you nuts doesn't it?) then use a tissue to scratch the "tickly" or whatever.

    I know this all sounds a bit corny but I've been doing it for years and it helps me big time..this is the first year I got the flu in over 5 years and I do all these things I just comes natural.

    Maybe since living in Singapore you already know all these natural remedies and sorry if I've overwhelmed you with all this...

    Hope you all get better soon..lot's of tissues and papertowels when out in public!

    Bless you all and get real better very very soon!



  2. Hello Rhiannon,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and remedies with me.

    It doesn't sound corny at all. In fact I have read and some people have told me about it too.

    I guess I just didn't take it too seriously because it didn't really matter until I actually get the flu.

    You are right, I do realize that allopathic medications lower my immune system somewhat.

    I must try green tea with the herbs you mentioned, but must check if they are available here.

    Never thought Pepsi than just a soft drink. My son will love it for being a medicine.

    Thank you so much for sharing. 5 years without getting the flu bug is evidence your herbal remedy works.

    Bless you for your kind help. Have a good week ahead.

  3. Again man I am sorry about that. You should drink Apple juice or Orange juice. It will help you fight it off. Stay up man. See you when I see you peace.

  4. I'm sorry for your awful night. Funny how germs can travel and stick around. One infected person can touch a door handle and the germs stay for poor unsuspecting persons(you) to come by and get sick. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. I hope you will take another day off work, if you need it. (And it sounds like you do)

  6. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by. Fortunately the flu virus can't travel via cyberspace... or can it?

    Silly me... I think it's the medication talking.

    C-Dell | Thanks Bro. I have been drinking orange and carrot juices but this time the virus is a very nasty one.

    I have never felt a tightness in my chest before, almost difficult to breathe.

    Wandi | I went to doctor's twice and twice I saw lots of people have about the same symptoms as I have.

    The flu virus is quite spread out. Now I worry that I might have passed it to Wifey and our son.

    I isolate myself at night and try to remember to practice what Rhiannon said.

    Carol | You were right. The doctor saw me and straight away gave me an anti-fever jab and a two-day medical leave.

    I have to go back to him if I still am not well after a couple of days later.

    Thanks for your messages. I just want to get well and start going to work and doing my gym workouts again.

    Have a virus free-week. Take care.


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