Friday, March 30, 2007

Farewell Bugis Street

Finally! The last day of Chic Couture at Bugis Street is here.

The whole shop was dismantled within 2 days, started since Friday evening, when the last business day was over.

Packing of the merchandise took the longest time. Cleaning them up to their pristine condition again before putting them back into their original packages for storage until the next opening day, hopefully in early May 2007 at Central One!

The whole moving-out experience should be a cinch, but there always should be that little challenge factor... still painstakingly... recovering from flu while doing tough physical work. Was like hell for me.

My medication with its antibiotics had ran its course and finished, so I had to suppress the throbbing headaches and runny nose with Panadol Acti-fast... to be able to carry on and complete the packing and finally moving out from the shop.

Oops! Do not want to sound like I am endorsing something here. My blog might be mistaken for a pay-per-post site... heaven's forbid the falling readership rate!

Seriously, I do not like to pop-in these suppression pills as I feel that these are bad for the body in the long term. I did not have a choice for these 2 days, so...

Wifey has a difference experience, though. After about a year at the shop, she could not get a proper good night's sleep for the whole 2 days we were moving out.

Guess the excitement and most probably the attachment she had... leaving the daily routine tending to the shop, the friendly neighbours... and maybe her customers that she has yet to get a chance to be in touch with to tell them about the new location.

Well, the whole furniture and all the shop's stuff were safely back in out home tonight, before 9:00pm. A personal record for us. In time for a good celebration supper at Habibie Seafood Restaurant over at Street 81.

Now, we are looking forward to leaving for our short vacation in Bangkok, Thailand. Leaving for the airport this Wednesday night, stay there over the Good Friday holiday and weekend and back home again on Sunday afternoon.

After that, the deco designs, looking for the right display furnitures for the new shop with the contractor who will do up our shop for this month of April... ready in time for May opening. Exciting time ahead... yes!


Will my flu, go away already. please. Dang!


  1. The move seem like it took a while. Good luck.

  2. Hello C-Dell,

    Thanks for the well wishes. It sure took a while to pack and dismantle the whole shop to its original condition.

    Nonetheless, it was completed in good time and we were more than happy it went well, despite my flu.

    Yes, hopefully the new shop will have better business and prospects for us.

    Thank you again, Bro. Have a great week ahead.

  3. Glad you managed to get all packed up. It is always a sad thing, moving on, leaving a part of your past behind, but the future looks bright.
    I hope you are going to take some piccies whilst in Thailand Imran.
    I've heard it's a fascinating place. Looking forward to seeing them.
    Have fun, but have some rest too. You have a lot to do by the time you return.


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