Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Weekend Welcome

Wednesday With Buddy's Blog In Background
Wednesday returned to us yesterday morning, when I left the front door opened for some weekend fresh air.

Fortunate for this cat because her beloved Chosen One was not home but was at English tuition class, else my son would have chased it away in anger.

He had been angry with Wednesday since the tragic incident which resulted in Buddy's death. I guess he felt his trust for her was betrayed or something to that effect. He loved both of these animals, but nature had to run its course somehow in the scheme of things.

What more today, was that fact that after he had buried Buddy just this morning before he left for his tuition class, looking depressed and wanting to skip class.

Hamster Burial Tree - Buddy'd Burial
As endearing as Wednesdays has been all this while, she came in hungry... wanting food and fresh water, but not before looking for her Chosen One.

She went straight to my son's room meowing loudly announcing her return... forgiveness maybe, and started to go to every room in the house looking for him... minus the kitchen, of course. We are not making the same mistake again, not taking any chances this time.

Wifey was not too sure about her coming back. I just told her that we should let Wednesday eat... after all, we already bought cat food and was a walk short of buying her, her own food and water bowl when she pulled the stunt.

Wednesday settled for us once she could not find our son and asking for food. She eat a lot, most probably not getting any while she was banned from the house since that fateful day.

Wednesday Obstructing Blogging Process
This silly cat still needs someone to be around her while she eats. Else she will meow loudly and keep coming to the food and back to us as if telling us to be follow her to the food bowl and stay there until she had her fill. Amazing, this silly cat can be.

This cat bit the hand that fed her. Rule of nature showing its ugly side?

Once she had enough, Wednesdays started giving cat-massages to me and then slowly warming up to Wifey until she successfully won Wifey's heart to at least stay for a while longer.

The most intriguing thing happened when my son returned home at about noon. Upon hearing the doorbell rang, Wednesday rushed to the front door.

And when she saw him, she slided herself on his legs and wanting to leap onto his arms. Our son did not respond to her. Meowing loudly, she flipped on her back several times on the ground... attracting attention, overjoyed it seemed.

Wifey was so surprised that Wednesday acted so excitedly, so... cutesy. Asking to be taken back in again, maybe?

Well for me, I know she had me at "meow..."

Wednesday Lounging On P.A.L Blogger's Desk
It took my son quite a while to warm up to her. And for the rest of the day, Wednesday was by his side in his room, tailing him around the house, even to the toilet where she had her first bath.

Yep! He bathed her... act of revenge of something, but Wednesday came out cleaner after those vagrant days outside. Forgiven maybe?

She slept indoors last night and has not left the house since. Wednesday is home again. She is banned only from entering the kitchen... not too bad a comeback. I am glad.

As for me... I have to content with a slower update of blogging as Wednesday keeps blocking my keyboard and my view of the screen to focus on her, only her. Cutesy indeed.

I think I will get her that food and water bowl after all.


  1. I'm glad she's back...she honestly doesn't realise what she's done wrong...aaww.

    She just acted on Mother Nature's instructions.

    Of course, she must be kept away from the little furry dudes in the kitchen...just a case of her getting used to the ''no go zone''.

    Your son is a good little egg, forgiving after what happened.


  2. Well cats will be cats innit. I'm glad that she's back in the family, cuz why should you guyz lose two beloved pets?


  3. Awww....I had to catch up on the attack. Poor Buddy, he will definitely be missed. I'm glad that your son has forgiven Wednesday for being a cat and doing what Cats normally do. It's still hard to lose a pet.

  4. I'm so sorry that you lost your sweet Buddy. Is't it amazing how these small creatures work their way into our hearts? My old blind & crippled dog is a Buddy also.

    Good, though, that Wednesday is back in your good graces. She was, after all only being a cat. I know y'all didn't want to deprive her of your loving companionship for that fault. :0)

    Come visit my new home soon:

  5. Seems like a happy ending for Wednesday. I'm glad, wild cats live a hard life.

  6. she is a very beautiful kitty. seems like she is trying to make up?

  7. Hell All,

    Thanks for stopping by and the messages.

    Ellen | You are right. Mother Nature runs its course... and yes, hopefully we are prepared to take in another pet. I think my son has gotten over it. Good for him.

    Crashdummie | That is interestingly accurate. Why loose two when there is room for forgiveness. Thanks.

    Lazy Daisy | We have an explosion of 46 hamsters, Buddy was our favourite because of his response to us unlike the others. We are missing him.

    Skeet | Wow, another beautiful companion named Buddy. It is indeed hard to loose a special pet this way. We are dealing with it as we go along.

    Yes. I have seen your new place. It is clean and cool! Pro-looking too and befitting with your product reviews. I already left a message in the comment section.

    Congratulations again!

    Barbara | Yes, stray cats and dogs live a hard life. A very unfortunate byproduct of our urban life. These animals are cast aside to live amongst us this way.

    Don't start me talking about dumping animals. It's a sad fact of life.

    Hopefully Wednesday behaves herself as much as we can prevent things like that ever happen again.

    Ellen's suggestion to spray the cat with water whenever she misbehaves or comes close to HamsterVille is a good one which we can adopt.

    Meander | We can only describe Wednesday as "over-the-top" cat. Her antics are extremely endearing. I had pet cats before, but never have I encountered a cat like her.

    Thanks all. Have a good week ahead.

  8. I am glad she has been welcomed back. She meant no harm only following instincts.

  9. You now have me missing my cats -- I haven't had one for years, but maybe I need another. :)

  10. Hi Imran, you and wifey and son have warm and forgiving hearts for sweet Wednesday. I think your plan for a separate hamster zone cat zone is a good one. That way you can enjoy all of the creatures who are blessed to call your house their home.

  11. I have just read all the relevant posts. This is so sad. I have had both cats and hamsters - often at the same time. With my previous cat I was fortunate in that he took little interest in the hamsters beyond a passing glance. By the time he had passed on and my current cat had moved in I was onto the last hamster. Current cat took far more interest than was comfortable so I moved hamster up onto the wardrobe top. Now he too is long gone so no more hamsters. her a long long long time.......


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