Friday, March 16, 2007

Snapshots Of Me

After a short blogging hiatus, I finally started blog-surfing again.

This cool widget seems to be in everybody's blog. First at Barbara's then at Carol's... I had to have one too that cleverly describes me in a few words but with photos that tell a thousand words. Thanks VisualDNA!


  1. I love this visualDNA widget. It helps me know my blog-friends better.

  2. Hello Barbara,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I like this visualDNA widget too. I think it is cool and should stay resident in my blog in one permanent spot instead of being pushed down with new entries.

    As I am not good with HTML, so I am slowly trying to figure out where I should place the widget script right after the header or better still, in the header itself.

    I think this widget is describing almost all of me and what I think about life in one concise block.

    Cool widget, most definitely! Any pointers?

  3. What I liked most in your visual DNA was your expression of love for your wife.


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