Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One To Go

The last few days had our family experienced one of the worst, sleepless nights.

Thankfully Wifey and our Son have recovered from their asthma attacks. Salbutanol is their saviour and we know that this medication is to be with us when we go on a trip overseas to Bangkok, Thailand early next month.

Unfortunately for me, I was getting worse than the night before, even after taking the medications from our family doctor.

I developed fever right into the night. My chest felt squeezed to the max while my eardrums felt like they were going to explode amid my throbbing head. My throat felt as if I swallow needles whenever I coughed or swallowed my saliva.

As always, the "sick-devils" showed themselves and make their presence felt... and felt painfully hard after midnight. I had to endure the pain for the whole night until I could go back to the doctor first thing in the morning when it opened at 8:30am.

I was second in the queue at Healthcare Family Clinic. The doctor was quite surprised to see me again a day later. This time my fever was 39.8 Degrees Celsius or 103.64 Degrees Fahrenheit.

I got an anti-fever shot straight away on my butt. The doctor was right, it felt much less painful than on the arm. I hate needles, but that shot really helped brought the fever down quite immediately. Gone was my throbbing head and my eardrums did not get a chance to "explode."

I was given Amoxycillin antibiotics this time around to be taken these 4 days since my throat was already infected. I was also given another 2 days of medical leave.

A total of 3 days off work because of flu is major to me as I have never taken such a long stretch of medical leaves before. Well, I did once, early in my twenties when I just started work; that was for chicken pox.

Two people have recovered, now one to go...

As mentioned by a dear friend, Rhiannon from Inner Journey Writings, I tend to agree with her on allopathic medications. It somehow tends to lower the immune system down.

As I get older, I seem to be susceptible to the common cold and flu often than I can remember in my twenties and thirties. Then again with many new flu strains being identified, no one is really sure if it has already existed and unidentified until now, or there are new strains mutating right now as we speak.

I remember I seldom get sick when I was younger but when I did, I become a whimpering puppy... needing lots of attention. Now that I am 40, this old dog seems to get sick much more often, especially when stressed out from work.

Enchinaea Herbal RemedyThe only sensible thing I could do is to get my immune system back up again to combat against being infected easily by these airborne diseases.

Since good food choices and healthy living that I have practiced are just not enough anymore for this old, rundown body of mine, I may consider preventive methods like supplements or herbal remedies as practiced by Rhiannon.

I have to do some research to understand them better and listen to my body's reaction carefully if I do go down that path. Incidentally a friend sent me an email about the natural preventive remedial affects simply with food.

Was that a sign. Well... this should start be a good starting point.


  1. By the way, is this a Pay Per Post?

  2. Don't I wish.

    Yes, sometimes I do sound like I'm endorsing a product or something to that effect. You're the second person who has pointed out so.

    So, any leads as to pay-per-post company for me to join and earn extra money here?

  3. Wow, that was a nasty one. (Rhiannon gave me good advice when I was suffering last year with infections. I adhere to them still)

  4. He He...do I get a percentage of the profits Imran?...;o)

    Let's start a company!..just kidding..:o)

    Hey, I'm getting ready to go on my first vacation in over 11 years on April 11th! I surely need it..ah to get away "from it all" will be wonderful! I hope you all have a wonderful vacation. Lay all your worries down while on vacation, enjoy, try not to "stress". Your such a great guy! You deserve some time off from all that you do.

    I'm so glad my suggestions helped Carol. I remember her and I e-mailing about it.



  5. P.S. Get better soon Imran. Men don't like getting sick. Who does?

    When I was married (for 15 years)my husband would really be so funny, it reminded me of what you said here in this post. He would just look so miserable and I would do everything that I could to help him. He was so stubborn. He he..not really funny but well you know what I mean.

    Once I had to drive him to the hospital and he was thrashing about in the car so I pulled over and got him in the back seat! I couldn't drive as he was thrashing about and banging into me!..

    You get better...you hear?



  6. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Carol | Yes, the most nastiest one I am ever inflicted with.

    With a testimony from a trusted friend like you, I'm most open to try out Rhiannon's advice in order to boost my immune system. Thanks for sharing.

    Rhiannon | I do sound like a pay-per-post guy, don't I?

    Start a company? Sounds interesting!

    Good for you my dear friend. 11 years is a very long time. We stopped ours for a year because of the business and we are already thinking how to have both because we miss traveling.

    Yours will be on the 11th, right after we come back from our short break which starts on 4th through 8th April.

    Hopefully it will be a reprieve for the mind and body for me from the everyday stress.

    As for us, Wifey is the most difficult person to see a doctor. She would rather endure until it becomes her last resort somehow.

    I'd be the first in line at the doctor's if I'm sick, because I hate to be sick!

    Wifey downplays her sickness while I'm the total over-dramatic opposite! Like another big baby... sigh.

    Thank you again for sharing and thinking of us. Bless you for your kindness.


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