Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Can't Touch These!

Angie The Feisty FemaleAngie - The Feisty Female

Yesterday was a tough day, but not necessarily a bad one for me after all.

Kim Huat from Jurong called to confirm he was coming over to our home to adopt our hammies. He was calling from Lakeside MRT station, so he would take quite a while to arrive.

Though he planned to come at 8:30pm it was worth the wait when he did arrive at 10:40pm with his lady partner, about the same time Wifey returned from the shop. They met at our front door before I heard the door bell rang.

The couple came to choose the hamsters they wanted... 3 pairs of males and females.

"Are you sure you want them to breed?" was the question I ask because it will be a great responsibility when you have more than a handful of hammies under your care.

Biggy The Largest Of Them AllBiggy - The Largest In HamsterVille

I reminded them that we started off with just a pair... we did not know the gender then as both were small and we really could not differentiate between a male and a female until it was too late.

Kim Huat was confident that he will be able to control and "keep the population explosion low". He intended to separate them once the couple gave birth.

He sounded to have a good plan, so I wished them both good luck... at least I warned them about the "Gremlin-touch-water" effect we had experienced.

While they were choosing, we exchanged experiences of caring for the hamsters... the type of bedding, sand baths, kinds of food and cleaning methods.

Starry The Cutest Of 3 BrothersStarry - The Star Hammie

They both chose the ones they wanted and left happily with the 3 couples. As we bid them goodbye. I felt a little sad to see our hammies go... but as long as they have good and caring new owners who are crazy about them, I am most happy.

They both love hamsters so it will be great for the hammies!

So... to date, how many have been adopted so far? Let me "count the ways..."
  1. Ms Summer adopted 10 hammies on 10-March at our home.
  2. Madam Ros adopted 2 hammies on 25-March at Tampines MRT.
  3. Mr KimHuat adopted 6 hammies on 27-March at our home.
I have yet to tell our son as he was already asleep when our guests arrived. I will tell him today when he is back from school. I know I was not allowed to give his 3 favourites in the green cage.

Neither was I to give-up the two of Wifey's favourites. Though we love each and everyone of our hammies, we have our own favourites too:
  1. Angie and Wanda are Wifey's
  2. Starry, Icy and Darcy are our Son's
  3. Biggy is mine.
Wifey had asked me to take each of their pictures which I think is a good idea. So I did actually, but with lots of patience and snaps. I started with the favourites first.

They can never stay still a moment for the camera... the photos always turn out fuzzy. I think I need to pick up some animal-photography tips from George and Anne from Lopez Island Life.


  1. You guys are doing good stuff. Here in america people often do not take resonsibility for their pets they just abandon them.

  2. Hello C-Dell,

    Thank you for your message. We try to be humane about the animals as much as possible and take responsibility due to our ignorance and the "cute" factor that got the population as big as it is today.

    Adoption is the best way and it really is working here.

    Abandoning pets happen here too, though in small number but it does happen, especially for rabbits and cats. Once the "cute" baby factor is gone, the animals get too old or too big to manage, they are abandoned.

    It is an offense to do that, that is why many ended up in SPCA animal shelters and euthanized when the shelter cannot cope with the numbers.

    For those that are not adopted, they will be loved and cared for by us for as long as their natural lifespan, most definitely.

    Have a great week, my friend.

  3. Angie is a cutie! I love the pic you took of her.

    My female cat "Lizzie", well her brother's name is "Darcy"! Both names are from Pride & Prejudice characters. I had to find a new home for Darcy a year ago and a half ago as he was always attacking and fighting with Lizzie..not good, as she was the much smaller one and he so big! It was a very difficult decision to make. I hope he's happy in his new home I found him..sigh I still get tears when I think of him..miss him..this is why I can relate to what your going through..because I know what it's like.."Been there done that" quite a few times.

    Glad to hear your keeping your favs that mean so much to you. han in there your doing great with all of this!



  4. Hello Rhiannon,

    Thank you for this nice message.

    Like I mentioned before, it is tough to get them still for a second, just enough time to get a sharp photo.

    The rest of the shots were fuzzy and off target as they run off so quickly, even after bribing them with cheese.

    Fortunately its a digital camera.

    It sure is hard to see your pet go when you have put so much effort to care for them and become attached by doing just that.

    Like Darcy, fortunately they go off to a good home and an animal-loving owner. That is a good feeling, though bittersweet.

    Have a great weekend. Bless you for being a beautiful soul.


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