Wednesday, March 07, 2007

HamsterVille's A Hit!

Our Heartfelt Appreciation To AllThis is my second update after posting a HamsterVille Thanks You! last week.

Today has been the most interesting of all days since the Hamsters For Adoption advertisement was out. Exciting and quite choatic at times!

I received 3 email postings and 3 text messages from different people who responded to my adverts wanting to know more and adopt.

My cell phone was ringing with loads of SMSs wanting to know more about the hamsters and some tips on caring for them. On several occasions, I was actually text messaging to 3 different people at the same time! What a rush!

Coming back home, I was further greeted with several emails from the 3 different people wanting to contact me for the adoption... one asked if he was too late to adopt, thinking I had given the hamsters in the picture away.

Not to worry everyone. I have 45 of them... enough to spread the Hamster-Love to all who came forward to adopt so far with many more hammies still available for good homes to go.

Wife was as happy I was excited, our son was a tat sad knowing some hammies will leave us soon... yet deep down he knows that the hammies are going to good homes with their new owners to love and care for them.

So, on behalf of my family and as Mayor of HamsterVille, I would like to thank all these pet-lovers with wonderful hearts for adopting these beautiful creatures.

Thank you Shirley, Yimei, Shireen, John, Jerri and Ja Weng. May God bless each one of you!

Gentle Reminder To Those Interested To Adopt:

Pets are wonderful companions
They require long-term commitment to your love and care

Pets are cute and adorable when they are young
They will grow older and the novelty may wear off
So if you feel that your love and care are unconditionally
You are ready to adopt!

I will be here waiting to give them to you.
They deserve our best.
Bless You Pet-Lovers Out There!


  1. Cute! I wish I could, but I just can't. Best wishes to you and all your little pals!!!

  2. Your Hampsters are a hit. That is cool I am glad that they are going to good people.

  3. I'm so glad your adoption project is going well! Nice, loving homes for all little critters - a very good thing!

    Saw this and immediately thought of you:


  4. Glad all is going well with this venture Imran. Good news for all concerned.
    I'm sure they will all be well looked after.

  5. Way to go "Mayor of Hamsterville"!:)



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  7. I think I could need some Hamster Love right about now, but don't think the poor things would survive the trip to Far Side.

  8. I like hamsters because they stay crunchy even in milk.

    Hello old friend! Seven more weeks to go until the baby arrives. Felicia has been suffering mightily and it has been a rough journey.

    Stop by and say hello?


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