Thursday, May 15, 2008

What A Relief!

My cell vibrated in my trouser pocket. It was set in silent mode while I was in a meeting with Customers at their Alexandra Road office.

It was Mom. My heart was pounding, but I had to ignore her for a while, while the Customer was talking and addressing the issues at hand for a resolution.

Yes, a resolution to settle this pounding scare. I had my personal issue myself that I had to address after the meeting.

Once we left the customer's place, I called Mom... anxious about what Mom had to tell me...

"Your father has decide not to go with you to Indonesia this year," Mom said and paused, "he's worried he might fall sick while we're there."

I Need To Know.

A simple, one-word-question "why?" opened up a series of fresh concerns that had been weighing heavy on me these past few days... I know it is even tons heavier on Mom and especially Dad.

"He still has not pass motion and is feeling uncomfortable now." Mom replied.

It had been 4 days since he felt this way and two days since the medication from the GP had been taken but without any improvement. He still had not gone to the toilet yet.

"OK, Mom." I paused, composing myself before I continued, "I'll call Junior's wife to help make Dad an appointment for tomorrow morning."

Junior's Wife returned my call after 10 minutes. She informed that SGH suggested that Dad come straight to A&E bringing with him this appointment card, the GP referral letter and the medications that the GP had given.

His yearly colonoscopy appointment set for 23rd June may very well be done within the same admission day if necessary.

"OK, Mom." I paused after explaining to her what we should do... somehow this scenario was played out before, reminiscent to what I had to say next, "Have Dad and you be ready by 9:00AM tomorrow morning... I'll pick you up to go to SGH."

I applied leave off work for the whole day tomorrow for that.

"Yes. Your father wants to go to the hospital too," Mom agreeing immediately "he said he is feeling very uncomfortable." Dad hates hospitals.

"I should be OK tonight, Imran. Don't worry." Dad trying to lighten the situation, said over the phone when I requested that he talked to me, "We go tomorrow morning... I am OK."

That Much The Heart Can Take...

"Imran..." Mom called me over the phone crying...

Oh My God! I screamed loudly in my heart.

What Mom? What is it?!
What happened to Dad? Has he collapsed?
Why did I wait until tomorrow?

All those questions running through my mind. I was scared for Dad. I was regretting my decisions already.

"Oh, Imran.... your father has just past motion." Mom said excitedly, yet crying at the same time, "he showed me... he is smiling now." She continued crying over the phone... happy.

Oh My God! My heart stopped a beat there and suddenly jumped for joy. Thank you!

I do not know how anyone would take it, but I guess... on the lighter side of it, you will never appreciate and be this happy to seeing so much crap if you are not in this situation... really. It was a lot of it... Mom said, 4 days' worth.

"That is great, Mom." I replied happily. I let off a long sigh of relief.

I requested Mom to monitor Dad's condition for another few days. Just to know and be sure that he was back to his usual routine before we could say he really was out of the woods.

If all is well, Dad would only need to go to his scheduled colonoscopy this next month.

You know what? Constipation is not a bad word at all when you know what is at stake here.

Oh, Dad. We are so relieved! You gave us a scare for a while there.

Not taking any chances for now, so no drinking tea for you, Dad. Phew!


  1. What a story! I'm glad he's o.k. now and hope it stays that way.

  2. I'm so glad "everything came out all right". LOL.

    Truly, I'm glad your dad's OK.

  3. Hello Both,

    Thank you for coming over. Firstly, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

    I believe they prayers were answered. Thank you.

    Andrew | It was quite a scare there. I was saying 'not again' in my heart. It was a tough time when my Dad had to go through the operation and had complications on the 4th day.

    That was a terrible time for everyone... especially Dad.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    Donna | You made me laugh out loud, Wifey asked my what happened. That is a great line.

    Yes, it came out all right. Phew!

    I cannot stop smiling after hearing the good news from Mom. I cannot stop laughing when it played back in my mind after I wrote the last few paragraphs.

    Seriously, thank you for your prayers.

    Thank you both for your help... from so far away across the globe.

    Have a wonderful and fun weekend.

  4. Phew...I wanted to visit you tonight just to see how your dad is doing.
    Let's hope he gets back into his normal routine soon.
    As a nurse I realise the importance of regular bowels.
    It can be very uncomfortable if things drag on for a few days...I always used to keep a close eye on my patients to ensure they were all in ''their'' routine.
    I was very particular that the charts were filled in so we could monitor things.
    You will be glad when the colonoscopy has been and gone too.
    Try and rest this week-end good friend. You have had a lot of worry over the last few weeks with health issues.

  5. Thank goodness your father is okay! We're thinking of you and your family with grateful relief.

  6. Hello Both,

    Thank you for coming over. I am grateful for the thoughts and concerns shown.

    Ellen | Yes, he has gone back somewhat to his own normal routine last time I checked.

    I have no doubt you were a wonderful nurse who cared genuinely about the patients under your watch. You have a good soul. Thank you.

    MomPoet | Another wonderful person in my lifetime... all the way from Canada.

    It was tough to think that we had to go through the whole ordeal again. My Dad was saddened by it, while Mom was obviously scared if it recurred.

    They are just too old to suffer anymore, I felt.

    Again, thank you all for your prayers and support.


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