Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not That, Dad!

"So... Mom, discuss with Dad and see if he is up for traveling again," I told Mom over the phone, "we'd love for you to come along."

This year, Wifey wants to tour Jakarta, Indonesia during Sonny's June school holiday. Like every year, their health permitting, we would ask my parents to go on vacation with us.

It is their golden years, they should enjoy... traveling with us at least.

We will be touring Ceribon, JogJakarta, Wonosobo and Bandung as well... the many Indonesian states with historic significance for the people there. Borobodur is one of the ancient highlights there.

"I'll tell him when he wakes up." Mom replied, but sounded concerned.

"I'll call you again tomorrow to confirm, then we'll book the tour." I replied... "Don't worry Mom, the places are wheelchair-friendly." I reassured her.

"Err... why is he asleep at this hour?" I asked Mom picking-up on her concern over Dad.

Dad hardly sleeps at night. Yes, he dozes off on the sofa in front of the TV often during the day, but never actually goes to bed to sleep at this hour. It was only 8:00PM in the evening.

Mom told me that Dad had not cleared his bowels for the past 3 days. It was definitely not a normal thing for him since he goes through the routine daily like clockwork.

He was feverish and appeared weak. He was complaining of nausea.

"Do you want me to take him to the doctor tomorrow?" I asked, concerned... and silently praying that it was not a repeat like 3 years ago.

It may most probably be a simple constipation... but knowing what Dad had and gone through, I was pretty scared inside for him but kept a casual tone while talking to Mom.

"I'll see if he is alright after taking the prune juice. He'd taken several times already." Mom replied...

The Day After.

My cellphone rang in the morning.

I picked-up the call concerned. My youngest brother's number was displayed on my iPhone.

He was already at the doctor's with Dad. Apparently Mom had called Junior for help since he lives closest to them and drives.

"Dad is given two days for the medication to work..." my Brother explained, "else he will have to go to SGH to check for any thing wrong with his stomach."

Obviously, my Brother had informed the GP of Dad's medical past. He had colorectal cancer Stage 3 about 3 year ago this April 2008, which had since came under remission after the surgery.

Both Mom and Dad do not know about the cancer bit. With the consultant's agreement, we only told them about the benign growth that was successfully removed.

The GP also gave a referral letter if the need arose to have him checked at SGH or Singapore General Hospital. His next yearly appointment for a colonoscopy is on 23rd June 2008...

That Long Tomorrow...

"So how is Dad doing now, Mom?" I called from the office to ask about his condition.

"No difference yet," Mom replied and sounded concern... slightly angry even, "I told him not to drink so much tea but he doesn't listen." Her voice cracked, she sounded sad.

Drinking thick tea to relief diarrhea-like symptom is Mom's home remedy. That was what Mom felt was the cause for Dad's constipation. Please let it be just that...

"Don't worry Mom." I consoled Mom, "Drinking too much tea and eating not enough fibre can easily cause this condition." Almost lying to myself inside.

I have to give it two days to see how Dad is doing...


  1. You are a wonderful son. I'm saying a prayer for your dad.

  2. I'm thinking the same as Donna. I hope everything gets better.
    I hope my children will be as helpful as you are!

  3. me three - prayers and warm thoughts to your parents and you and your family

  4. You are all in my prayers bro. Always,

  5. I pray that everything is alright with your dad and that he gets better and goes on vacation with you and your family!!!

  6. Thinking of you and yours...waiting and worry, never a good place to be.Take care.

  7. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you very much for coming in and leaving your messages. I finally get to reply.

    Donna | That is nice of you. I try my best to give my parents as much comfort and care as they have for me during my growing-up years, and still are.

    Andrew | Your children sees how wonderful their father is and that is their lives' lesson to giving back your love and care for them when they are finally independent. I just know it.

    MomPoet | You are always a good friend. Thank you.

    Crashy | You are my inspiration when I am down and restless in tough times.

    Your bubbly personality and resourcefulness is admirable and should be emulated.

    DeeJay | Thank you. I am so happy things turned out the way it did.

    Alex | Thanks Bro. It's great of you. I know it was even tougher serving your country where life and limb is at stake daily.

    Ellen | Thanks my friend. It sure is. Anticipation is the worst than the situation itself, I guess.

    Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. I am blessed to have you all as my friends, even though we are across the globe and of various faiths and culture. Thank you all.


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