Sunday, May 18, 2008

Clear For Takeoff

Mom brought more good news about Dad.

She has diligently been calling me back to inform that Dad has since been back to his usual routine and is now back active helping Mom doing house chores and tending to his garden like he always does.

Finally today, Wifey and I are able to make the decision and booked our intended Java Overland Tour package with Halijah Travels at Golden Landmark Shopping Complex.

As the itinerary goes, we will be touring Indonesia.. my first step onto its mainland after going Padang Sumatra and Bali Island for our first and second honeymoon respectively and then to its nearer island resorts in Bintan and Batam for shorter holiday trips.

It will be everybody's first except Wifey's to visit its capital, Jakarta for one day on Friday, then onward to Ceribon, JogJakarta, Wonosobo and then Bandung... each for a day before heading back to the capital for another day before our flight back home on the following Thursday.

We will fly off early June 2008 a week after school holiday starts... well after Sonny finishes with all his clubs and extra curricular activities at school.

This 7-day tour is ideal especially because its full-board. Lodging and all three meals a day have been catered to, so its hassle-free for my old folks and especially Mom who is wheelchair-bound.

At S$704.00 per person, inclusive of airport and security taxes, except that we have to fork out about S$20.00 or $100,000.00 Rupiah airport tax each at the Indonesian airport.

My parents will only have to worry about how much they will need to bring to spend shopping there as I am treating them with the tour... for being the loving parents they are to us, all their lives.

Wifey is exceptionally excite about this vacation, simply because she is an avid fan of South-east Asian history... Indonesia in particular, thus this trip she suggested.

Her love for history stemmed from when she studied history in high school and excelled in it. Her testament to her interest is her effective tuition to Sonny who has been good in this subject and has scored first in class again from his mid-year exams a week ago.

Indonesia is rich in history and culture; Wifey's buried interest is just waiting to be dug-up rediscovered when we reach there. I personally felt that Wifey should have pursued this field which she would excel, definitely. If only we can turn back time.

Then again, I may not meet her... which will be to my detriment as she is the one who keeps me sane and keeps my faith close to The Almighty. As selfish as this may sound, I am glad that we cannot turn back time and I am happy that I have her.

As always, whenever we travel, I am the self-appointed cameraman and bellhop... beside being the banker. I thrive wonderfully when I am away from work and adult responsibilities.

Traveling is one of my top favorite things to do as with anyone. The extra bonus is sharing the privilege that I get with family and parents... the experience of enjoying the world and its wonders.

I am pumped to see new things, well, very old things but with new perspective personally and lots... I mean tons and tons of digital photos that I will be taking. Thank you technology... no film will be wasted, just shaky pictures.

In the meantime, having lunch at Victory restaurant in Jalan Sultan where Golden Landmark is situated has its own stash of historic buildings, splashed richly with Malay and Arabic cultures.

No Lumix FZ10 camera in my hand, but I guess my iPhone camera will do...


  1. Have a great time. I love your photos. I worked in Jakarta for 2 years and loved it. That was decades ago though. I'd love to visit Singapore one more time though:)

  2. How exciting! I wish I could be a mouse and sneak along in your luggage.


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