Thursday, May 08, 2008

Surprise Party's Surprise

Today is his 38th birthday.

Since he has been working here for the past 17 years, I believe he never had a birthday party celebrated at work before. He has never fussed about it all this while... probably the reason why we always do not remember his special day.

I do not know what came over me, but I thought I would give him a little birthday surprise, just among the 5 close tea-break friends this year... to let him know that we remember.

So off I went at lunch time to buy him a cup-cake, but somehow my sixth sense told me otherwise and ended-up with a half-kilo Citrus Cream full-fledged birthday cake... complete with candles and a birthday sign for our birthday boy.

I requested a colleague to email our tea-break buddies to meet at his cubicle at 3:30PM to surprise him, but somehow it turned out to be a larger group than I had intended.

About 20 odd people started to congregate at his cubicle which surprised not just our birthday boy, but me too. The word-of-mouth is much powerful than technology, I guess.

Nevertheless, it was wonderful to see so many people came and celebrated his birthday.

The 2nd floor office seemed to stop working for about half and hour, busy tending to the birthday boy... singing birthday song, candle-blowing, with loads of pictures taken that made him smiled from ear to ear. It was simply great!

I was relieved that there were enough birthday cake for everybody, with even two slices to spare. Phew!

He also received a custom-made, hot-off-the-press birthday card created by another colleague using Greetings Island on-line software complete with a picture of everyone and him taken at the party earlier.

I believe this is the start of a nice office tradition... it should have been done long ago, but it is better late than never, I say.

Happy Birthday Joe!


  1. What a thoughtful thing to do. That cake looks delicious!

  2. What a very nice thing to do for a co-worker. I think it should be done on a regular basis. The look on the face od your co-worker must have been priceless. The cake looked wonderful.

  3. You are a really good boss lah Imran.. happy besday to him too.. send my regards ya... aritu abang ada tanya kat blog abang tapi Imran tak jawab... Imran dah kahwin yer?? dah ada anak ker?? saja bertanya

  4. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Donna | It was great watching him smile. I think I was happier than him on his birthday.

    Andrew | I love the taste too. I think I will buy it for Wifey's or Sonny's birthday too.

    Wandi | Priceless was the word I was looking for. Thanks for that.

    I was very happy that he finally celebrated his birthday at work after 17 years there... and a big bash too. It was just great.

    HoneyBear | The least I could do for my charges since we are a team at work.

    I am more than happy to do it again for the rest of my charges too... so long as they don't mind keeping their birthday a secret.

    Dah jawab dah in your blog. Sorry, tak nampak response after my comment.

    Thanks again. Happy Weekend!

  5. Gosh Imran, the lengths you go to,to bunk off work!!!Only joking. What a great thing to come up with. And that cake...yum. I felt like diving in and taking a huge bite.

    Ha, in two years he will have to do it all again for the big 40! Not that we would know how being 40 feels...eeww.


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