Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dreams Have Sequels

Friend's Northern Light-like phenomenon taken at work on 14-Mar-08

Not sure about everyone else, but mine sure does.

Not the kind of dream you set your goals to achieve, but the dreams of the nightmare kind.

My Dream Part 1

Woke up dazed on Wednesday morning. Looking at the dawning sky a little strangely than most mornings. Looking for it but saw everything was the way it should be. Phew!

Took my shower, got dressed for work and went by my day as any other day without thinking about the dream I had the night before. It was a silly dream anyway.

My Dream Part 2

I woke with a cold sweat the next day. Shocked. The sky was dawning like every other morning would be.

I looked out of my bedroom window and actually looked for it for sometime before I realized I just woke up from a dream... a nightmare was more like it.

You know. No matter how silly the dream you had with mix and illogical moments in it, the dream often seems realistic to the dazed almost conscious mind when you awake from your sleep. Well, it was quite real to me most times.

And The Story Goes...

Alright. Here is the silly and illogical dreams that went for two nights in a row.

The first night I dreamt of UFOs. Yes, those little green men from Mars. Silly now, but scary in the dream then.

I was looking out of my bedroom window and saw the rounded, rather dome-shape aircraft hovering above the block of flats after the Primary School.

It was there for a while and suddenly tilted to one side where I could see the bright glowing green light under the aircraft... ready to zip away out of earth's atmosphere when a shot was fired at it by the by the Singapore Airforce fighter jets.

The spacecraft took a direct hit and fell from the sky and onto the top of the block of flats.

There were scores of people coming out from their homes. The police and civil defense trucks were there too cordoning the area.

"They may have came in peace. Why shoot them down?" I remember thinking in my dream.

"This should be a dream... because I don't hear the impact sound of the missile nor the sound when it hit the block of flats." My mind was justifying as I regained composure after waking-up scared.

That was that. It was silly. UFOs. Why UFOs?

There was nothing of that nature to lead me to dream of such "topic." Silly me. That was that.

Then came the sequel the following night! Sigh.

All I could remember about the dream was looking at the night sky out from my bedroom window. All was quiet and calm.

Then I saw little green lights far into the night sky. The light got nearer and soon after the spacecraft could be seen. Then more of them came hovering filling up the night sky.

I called out to Wifey and Sonny to close our door and all windows quickly as I rushed to close the bedroom window.

"Stay under the bed and keep still!" I told both of them as I called my parents over the phone to tell them to close their door and windows too.

I somehow sensed it was an invasion. A revenge for the down spacecraft, maybe?

I grabbed our radio and joined my family under the bed.

I woke up in cold sweat and looking straight our of my window looking for the UFOs.

At work, I started to recall my dreams and thought it was that scary and silly at the same time. I could not figure out what I do or see during the days to trigger such a dream... a sequel even.

A few days have passed, no Part 3 so far. Interesting to have it, but I somehow become scared-silly after that. Just like when I had weird nightmare of ghosts after watching Fright Night.

From a scientific perspective, what subconscious issues do I have to conjure such dreams? A question I can only know I will not have answers to.


  1. I associate UFO/alien dreams with thoughts of outsiders invading home space. I wonder if you are concerned about someone or something new in your everyday world?

  2. Hello MomPoet,

    That sounds logical. I was thinking along that line too... invading my comfort zone, but I could not recall any event of that concern that would trigger those dreams.

    The nights are without these kinds of dreams anymore, so most probably whatever it was has passed.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Happy weekend.


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