Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

For The Special Ladies In My Life

The Mother Of My Child,
My Dearest Wife
For I Am Humbled,
The Sacrifices You Make
The Happiness You Bring.
I Will Always Love You

The Mother That I Admire,
My Only Mom
For I Am Grateful,
The Guidance You Showed
The Unconditional Love You Showered.
I Will Always Love You

Today was planned to be extra special, but a domestic abnormality skewed that plan to smithereens. That story in my next post. Sigh... off all the days, it has to be today... not one by two!

Nonetheless, the day was not a total loss at all. The planned outing was partly salvaged with a dinner treat for Wifey at her choice of all the restaurants... Arnold's Fried Chicken.


"Yes, since we are here, I would love to go to Arnold's." Wifey replied.

Well, it has been quite a while since we eat at Arnold's... my first favorite Halal Fried Chicken place. KFC comes second.

Anyway, we were at Geylang Serai vicinity, the best food place since we were teenagers and the first few years of my working life, Arnold's have hosted many of my birthdays with my friends from work.

It tasted as nice as I remembered. It was even nicer being there and just watching Wifey eating her favorite fried chicken surreptitiously with both hands. She just loved it.

Yes... eating healthy is important. Exceptional for today only, we eat without the chicken skin.


  1. hey - I don't like chicken skin either. didn't know that was healthy, though. :)
    Have a good Monday. (I guess it already is there. :)

  2. Hello Andrew,

    I used to love eating crispy chicken and its skin too. But strict supervision from Wifey made me loose the bad habit.

    Now, what is bad is anything fried. Exceptional for yesterday... so this morning, and extra half and hour working out before work.

    Happy Weekend!


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