Monday, May 19, 2008

Family Fun E!Hub

Today is Vesak, a holy day for Buddhists across the world and most Chinese here. A holiday for the rest of us in Singapore.

What better way to spend a Monday than a family outing, instead of being stuck at the desk at work.

We headed down to Pasir Ris where the infamous Downtown East leisure theme park has always been, a stone's throw away from where the beach and barbecue pitches are, and the new attraction to add on to the place... called E!hub or Entertainment! Hub in the east.

Spotting a giant indoor ferris wheel, the largest in Singapore no doubt, once we entered the mall's main entrance. A lot of eateries there and I have to say that I have never seen so many tanned teenagers gathered in one place than at the morning flag raising ceremony in high school.

All three of us... yes, Wifey and I were fortunate that Sonny agreed to follow along for shopping, solely because Wifey wanted to get new walking shoes for our vacation to Indonesia next month.

The only lure that sealed the deal with Sonny was that we watched Iron Man movie at the Cineplex on the top floor.

Surprisingly, the show was rather interesting... including the service at the cinema.

We booked the tickets and ordered the Super Large Popcorn and Coke Combo together at the ticket-counter. The snacks were sent directly to our seats when the show started. The first such service I have ever encountered with a movie theater here.

Somehow, we got more than we actually bargained for... literally.

When the movie started, the staff started sending the orders to the movie goers. The family seated beside us somehow miscommunicated to the staff that the snacks sent to them were not their.

I then thought it was for us, and accepted it. Only to realize that it was regular-sized... but after Sonny had dived into the popcorns and sipped the Coke.

Wifey made a trip to the counter to clarify and they sent the correct combo snacks immediately while we got to keep the regular ones too. Worked for us!

Robert Downy Junior was cool in the movie. Surprisingly, the movie was not childish of sorts, but action-packed with lots of explosives... our kind of movie. Well, Wifey did say she enjoyed it too, so yes.

The only thing that bothered me was when he dotted down from the sky super-fast much like a missile, with nothing but his first prototype iron man suit... he so deceiving constructed in the cave somewhere in the desert while being held captive... dove right into the desert sand, but he survived with some nasty scratches and a broken arm.

I would think his head would have exploded inside his un-cushioned iron helmet. Not so sure some protective rubber buffering his head would be of any help either falling at that speed... into sand or water, regardless.

Then again, if hero dies at the start of a movie, there will not be a movie. Hey, its the movies... anything can happen... so stop over-analyzing things.

It is selfish of me when I say that fortunately Sonny came along, so we guys got the majority vote to watch Iron Man instead of "Ayat-ayat Cinta" or "Verses of Love," an Indonesian love story... set in modern times about friends and couples of moderate Muslims in love with a guy from a different faith... or so it goes.

Interesting, but I would rather go with Iron Man. Phew!

Iron Man was interesting to watch and I am already a fan waiting for a sequel. Yes, Downy admits he is Iron Man to the press. Personal secretary Gwyneth Paltrow almost gets her man, while the US General will probably become his side-kick cum adviser.

Yes, today turned out great!

And no, Wifey could not find the perfect pair of shoes for her there... still 3 weeks to go, so the search is still on.


  1. It's so interesting to see what your part of the world looks like. Every blogger I read that has seen Iron Man loved the movie. It isn't the type movie I would choose, but maybe I'll see it when it comes out on DVD.

  2. Wow! I so wish our town had such a complex for us all to gather and be happy together!

    You are most blessed.

    Indonesia sounds like great fun.

    Be well!

  3. The coming Monday is a holiday here. Yes, I can't wait to sleep in, either! :)


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