Monday, May 05, 2008

My Private Lightshow

Sunday nights are my most dreaded nights of the week.

Yes, you guessed it right. Fun is over, now getting ready to be the responsible adult again throughout the workweek starting the next morning.. and the next four mornings to come.

This weekend has been extremely hot. I am not complaining, I like sunny days that are breezy, but unfortunately the breeze was warm air... almost like in a sauna you cannot get out of.

I am surprised there are no reports of wild bush fires to date... maybe I am ahead of myself on this. It may take time to dry up the low-lying grasses and bushes before the heat can ignite it.

Last evening was totally hot and humid. A clear sign the rain was coming when the wind started to pick up... rattling the leaves as the trees outside bent with the wind. Blowing the curtains up high and sounds of neighbors windows blown shut.

I thought it would be a reprieve from the heat... get a good night's sleep with cool air to enjoy, accompanied by the rhythm of raindrops to lullaby my nightly retire.

Yet I ended up sitting up at the edge of my bed, elbows "perched" on my widow sill and watching the spectacle of light show in the night sky... dripping in sweat even with the fan turned on.

Thunderstorm showed a promised date to arrive with its colorful rake-like lighting strikes, but eventually the rain never did come... just passing by overhead. The thunderous roars slowly softened into the night as the dark clouds moved farther away.

This event will not be as interesting to imagine without snapshots of the light-show itself.

Worth the private window-seat anytime.


  1. beautiful! you described it perfectly! the photos are wonderful, too.
    I fellt that I was there. thanks. :)

  2. Did you take this picture?! OMG!
    They are beautiful. Terryifying, mighty, glourious, breathtaking & magnificent.. I’m starting to get out of words… so I’ll simply say: wow!!!

  3. Wow Imran....cantiknya ... abang selalu suka kat sky, selalu suka kat awan... ni ada kilat kilat lagi, memang cantik kerja Imran...

    Mintak tolong sikit boleh... link beruang madu tu nama nya Yazid bukan Sukaimi.. itu nama bapak abang...

    sorry yer

    Salam Sayang Beruang Madu

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Andrew | It was fun taking pictures of the night sky while it was actively brewing thunderstorms. Magical even.

    Crashy | Yep. Proudly mine. It was not easy stalking lightnings.

    The mind-hand coordination was not that lightning-fast as the lightning appearances, so many more beautiful moments were not captured.

    Waiting for the next opportunity.

    BeruangMadu | Memang happy betul tengok keatas... lighting is intriguing as it is dangerous.

    Okay. Apology. Sudah tukar link as requested. So, Yazid Sukaimi, just to tell you, your website rock!

    Thanks again all. Happy weekend.


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