Monday, May 12, 2008

A Leaky Plan

I have to admit that I have not dived fully into planning our outing for Mother's Day yesterday.

Talked about it with friends for the possible nice restaurants to treat my two special ladies in my life, Wifey and Mom. Had some suggestions on the gifts I could give... but how many watches, or bracelets or necklaces could a woman wear...

A lady colleague suggested giving cash instead... they can do whatever they wish with it. Well, good idea, but a little too practical and impersonal, I thought. I would use it as a last resort if I could not figure something out.

I finally planned to treat them at Bali Thai at Causeway Point in Woodlands and then do some shopping with them at the mall getting something they actually chose and want.

All was well, Sunday was the day and it came...

"Ayah!" Wifey shouted and awoke me from my wake-up-late Sunday sleep. "The sink is flooding with water!"

It sure was. Fortunately the water had not flooded down the woodwork of our vanity sink.

It was not as bad a leak, but the tap had to be changed nonetheless as it trickled water slowly, but surely wetting the glass top.

I had to wrap a towel around the lever where the water was leaking from. There was nothing that could be done to the 5 year old tap, the time we renovated our toilets.

Guess it was high time to change, I thought.

And it sure was!

I noticed the kitchen tap was leaking water from its mid section where the spout can swivel, but only when the tap was turned on. Great! Sigh!

Yes, the kitchen tap was 5 years old too.

We renovated our kitchen and both the kitchen and the master bedroom toilets together. The taps had lasted that long and that was fortunate enough.

That was about that length of time before the taps break and start to leak, said the sales person when we asked him for its lifespan.

We had to get the same design to not complicate matters and avoid fitting problems if the newly bought ones could not fit the glass-top and clear off the floating glass bowl.

Thus the pictures I took to show the sales guy the exact design we wanted.

I called Mom to inform her of the crisis we were having and to postpone the outing. As beautiful as Moms are, she was nice to accept it.

In fact, I was a little too zealous with the celebration. The rest of my siblings were coming over to celebrate with her... not exactly a surprise. In fact all my siblings seemed to not inform each other, but visit our parents with pot luck food they cooked and bought for her. This happens every year, and I never learn.

Mom told me that some were already there, while some were on their way to her place. The house was noisy with children's voices playing in the background. It would have been fun there than being at the store picking out facets.

It struck me as being selfish to take away our parents from the rest of the siblings to celebrate. It turned out that I was the only sibling not there with her. I will make up for it another time. She knows that.

So, Mom was happy. Great! Phew!

I got to focus on Wifey alone to having a good time out with her after we settled with the taps we wanted from HomeOne Euro... on a Mother's Day. Sigh.

I had to spend S$400.00 on the two taps and the plumbing service to fix them.

I got to give Wifey a dinner treat... at Arnold's. And got to buy her two of her favourite CDs by the Indonesian Divas she so admires as a gift for being my son's favorite Mom of all times.

The day was saved and I learnt a lesson... amid a leaky grand scheme of things.


  1. hello there :)

    bloghop from abg yazeed's blog..

    seems u r from singapore..i'm planning to go to singapore in to give me advice on the trip?

    thanks :)

  2. I hate days that go like that! All's well that ends well, though.

  3. I'm sure both your wife and mother appreciate you, even if your plans changed.

  4. What a funny, unpredictable, frustrating Mother's Day! But you'll remember it, and tell the story for a long time, and that's a gift in itself. I think sometimes little disasters happen to move us away from a path that we were not meant to take that day. I am glad that your Mom was understanding, and that your wife was happy with the CDs and Arnold's Chicken. You have a wonderful family Imran!

  5. what a day!!
    the 1st sink- I've never seen one like that! I like the look of it.

  6. Ah! Leaks. Not good. Seems that the wife is always the one to find them first. That's how it works here at least.

    Glad all plans ended up okay and that your Wifey was able to get the Diva CDs she deserves.


  7. I needed to give my wife something special being away for over a year now but just got her cards and it is hard to live that one down. Even with you dilemia you were still able to treat your wife to something nice I respect you for that.


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