Monday, February 05, 2007

Mauled Me Over

If you have to choose between a cat and hamsters.... what will it be?

Had a terrible thing happened in our household last night. Sigh....

Our newly adopted stray cat, Wednesday has been so endearing, giving cat massages to all, especially me... on my belly! She has been the focal point of our attention these past weeks with her antics. Wifey's heart has obviously already melted for her... and then she had to pull a stunt like this one!

She has been observing the citizens of HamsterVille for some time now... but nothing serious, she just looked amazed at the restless little critters in their condos with a little "paw" here and there... startled at any sudden moves by the hamsters.

I view it cautiously, though it looked harmless from my observations. I began to become complacent against the order of nature.

Just when I was ready to retire to bed after Wifey came home from the shop, Wednesday toppled one of the cages that were stacked on top of each other. The cage door was released open upon impact.

Buddy WoundedOur most favourite hammy, Buddy was thrown out of the cage and as nature would have it, Wednesday mauled him instinctively. I guess that was what she intended anyway.

As soon as I heard the sound of the cage crashing down onto the service balcony floor, I knew what Wednesday was up to.

I rushed to the kitchen to find Buddy mauled tightly in Wednesday's mouth and she was trying to get away with her "catch."

As sweet as Wednesday is, she stopped on her tracks and yielded in front of me. She released Buddy when I shouted her name in shock.

Wifey came running after me and quickly took Wednesday away and put her out of the house. Wednesday was meowing loudly, wanting to be let in for several hours. We ignored her while nursing Buddy.

Buddy has a deep gash on the right-side of his back. A punctured wound that tore his skin off to reveal a pinkish dermis layer. Buddy was bleeding.

With layers of tissue paper, I pressed the wound for several minutes to stop the bleeding while comforting Buddy... calling our his name. Buddy did not struggle, but just laid still with his eyes all watery. The pain was definitely excruciating for him. Poor Buddy...

After about 10 minutes, Buddy began to move again and started to lick the palm of my hand like he normally does. That is the peculiar thing about Buddy. He is the only hamster that does that. He will lick our noses too if we put our faces near to him.

He is the "pioneer" and founder of HamsterVille... together with Puffy who escaped from her cage after their first born and never to be found again... like going out to buy cigarettes and never returned.

This morning, I told my son of what had happened. He was devastated to learn about Buddy and what has become of Wednesday. A double whammy for him.

The Order of Nature
Wifey has made-up her mind about Wednesday... she is staying out of our house. While I am still in a dilemma. Maybe they both can co-exist under one roof. All we need to do is to secure the cages doors and teach Wednesday to stay away from the cages.

The latter is tougher as I have no idea how this should be done. It will be even tougher to instill this to Wednesday when no one is at home. Dang it!

It is like a cat and mouse game... the order of nature that I am trying to change?

Until I can figure something out and able to convince Wifey, Wednesday is banned from our home. Sigh.


  1. That's a tough one. We had the same dilema when our cat Webster was still alive. (We have a guinia pig, though)
    The pig is in a very heavy glass aquarium, and to secure it from a cat, we just needed to put a wire mesh covering on top of it- which we never did, but planned to do if Web ever expressed more than a passing glance at the piggy, whick he never did. We lucked out, in a way. Our cat was too old and fat to care!
    Good luck figuring out a solution- wifey may soften her heart towards wed eventually!

  2. Gosh all happens in your house.Yes, natural instinct is a very powerful thing.

    I think with the best will in the world, it will be hard to have cat and hamsters living in perfect harmony.

    As much as I love animals, I do not trust cats...not were rodents are concerned...what a dilemma.

    When I introduced my dog to my ferret there was fur flying and a few bites and scratches too!!!They didn't get along together for a long time. Nowadays they just tolerate each other. If I were to let them both loose up the field which I did do once, they would both go rabbiting and tear the little bunny to pieces. It's their natural instinct...I am always aware of that and we need to repect the powerful force that drives our pets.

    Sounds like secure doors in Hamsterville is the only solution.

    Hope you have a good week.

  3. Hello Both,

    I appreciate your advice, coming from your experiences with your "opposing" pets.

    Very true, the natural instinct is too powerful to do anything about.

    Yes, the only solution is a secure the cage doors and the plastic pans to the metal cages.

    Wednesday was meowing so loudly outside our door for the past two days. It was heartbreaking.

    We know it is not Wednesday's fault as it is her natural instinct, but we just cannot bare another incident for now.

    Wednesday is back on the "prowl" again until I can figure this out. While Buddy is recovering from his wounds.

    Thanks again for your help.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the cat and hamster fracas at your house, Imran. I hope this story will have a happy ending for everyone.

  5. Give Wednesday a break the cat was only following instincts

  6. Give Wednesday a break the cat was only following instincts

  7. PS- My son sends his condolances for Buddy- I read your story to him and he was attacked with a case of the "Awwwwww"s over and over again. He has a tender heart, that boy.

  8. So sorry Imran. Poor Buddy, and poor Wednesday.

  9. poor wednesday
    i hate to think of her outside wanting inside
    she was only being a natural cat
    but poor buddy

    hope you find a solution, and soon


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