Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lunar New Year!

Wishing All My Chinese Friends & Families
A Great Year Ahead,
Full of Happiness,
Abundance & Good Heath
Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you Imran! The year of the Fire Pig is upon us now! So here we go!

    Your a Cancer and a Chinese Horse. I'm a Pisces and a Chinese Rabbit. So that makes me a "Double Rabbit" or a "Double Pisces" however you want to put it.

    Now the New year can bring on more "fun and happy times"..we mustn't give up on that..

    Enjoy your time off and have "happy happy happy" with your family. I understand about the "noise pollution" I'm surrounded by it constantly where I live..I long for the "silence".

    Oh, you know I lived in Japan in late 70's for over a year and it's a memory I will never forget, it changed me for life..though I know its not Chinese, I loved all the traditions and celebrations.

    Okay have a good one now!

    Angel Blessings,


  2. Happy Lunar New Year friend. I hope this next year brings you even more joy in life.

  3. It is so enlightening being in blogworld. We are all been educated daily as to what goes on in this big wide world of ours. It's amazing really.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy New Year!
    What does it mean to be a Rabbit during the year of the pig, hmmm?
    I don't know. I will just tell myself that it means that a great year is ahead!
    Have fun celebrating, imran!

  5. Ditto!

    Not cuz we celebrate chinese new year, but all excuses to spend some time with your family and friends and have fun is a good enouvgh excuse for me.

    Have a prospering and wonderfull year filled with love and laughter!


  6. Happy New Year to you, my friend! I've been sick and have missed all of the local festivities this year, though I did enjoy some lion dances on TV. Maybe next year I'll ge to see them in person again.

    May the new year bring you prosperity and good health!

  7. oh wow...well happy new year to you my friend!

  8. A belated Happy New Year's to you and your family, Imran!

  9. Hello All,

    Great to see you here! I have not been to your blogs for quite a few days now, but I will soon enough once I get my urgent tasks done.

    Rhiannon | Yes, it is interesting to be one of the Chinese zodiac creatures.

    You are absolutely right. I forgot about the fortune-welcoming noise from the Chinese Lion Dances that they have around my area every year.

    Though Singapore is more cosmopolitan, the Chinese people here hold their traditions and practices close to them.

    It should be so interesting for you to live in an Asian country like Japan that is so famous with its numerous and unique culture and traditions. Should be an eye-opener I bet. Lucky you.

    Andrew | Hope your side of the world is getting warmer to be able to have good walks and more inspirations.

    C-Del | Thanks Bro, the same goes to you and your family. Have a very successful year with your studies.

    Ellen | You can say that again. It is interesting to know the festivities and celebrations, but is especially interesting when you get it know more from blogs, because we get to know them from their personal point of view and they way they celebrate them.

    My last lesson was St Patrick's Day from Barbara - Trying To Catch Up.

    LP | Good question. Funny you should ask that question.

    Chinese tradition is very steep in superstitions. Though I am not Chinese, my friends like to send me or explain to me stuff about their beliefs and superstitions.

    One email tells your fortune - the dos and dont's of the other 11 zodiac animals in this year of the pig. Interesting to know just for the fun of it.

    Crashy | Yes, the real reason why we enjoy the holidays. A deserved break to spend time with loved ones and just have fun.

    Skeet | Sorry to hear about that.

    Hope you are feeling much better. You blog sounded so cheerful and motivating that I missed out on you being under the weather for some time.

    Chinese Lion Dances are performed in many places here, especially in Malls, small shops and even house-to-house.

    It will be noisy for these two weeks, but interesting to just watch them perform.

    Meander | Indeed. So far, the outings were great during the holidays. Hope you have a great Lunar New Year too.

    Carol | Thanks. Hope you have a great year ahead too full of great things with your loved ones.

    Thank you all again for coming in. Have a wonderful day and a fruitful year ahead.


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