Monday, February 12, 2007

Saturday's Superlative Meals

Scenery Along TPE Woodlands Avenue 2 Exit
It is so delicious I could taste it in my mouth even before I reached my destination.

"Remember to bring along the Tupperware..." was my Mom's reminder. I was going to their place to give some monthly pocket money for their expenses.

Dad went to the market earlier to buy the ingredients and Mom cooked it and gave me a surprise since they know I was coming over. My parents are the best!

They cooked my favourite dish - sambal goreng and asked me to have the meal and take it home for Wifey and our son too. A childhood favourite dish that never fails to tempt me even today.

It was a pretty good Saturday, though it could have been better if both Wifey and our son could be there with my parents.

Wifey was at the shop in Bugis cashing-in on the Chinese New Year festive sale, while my son has his afternoon Malay tuition class in Kembangan.

Woodlands Beyond The TreesThe 40-minute bus journey on Service 168 from Tampines to Woodlands was extremely tranquil.

The long distance route cruising along Tampines Expressway was a welcomed reprieve for me.

Sat on the upper deck with my favourite MP3 songs playing on my Dopod C800 cell phone, the full view of a bright and sunny day, looking out of the window and lost in my thoughts. Ahh... heaven.

The simple pleasures...

Not wasting any time, I headed to the kitchen once I was at my parents'... where Mom had prepared an early dinner for me. Ooh, pineapple syrup drink too!

I did not realize that I actually finished the whole pot of rice with the sambal goreng she cooked, while I sat at her kitchen, chatting away with her.

I sinfully pigged-out this most wonderful dish... some anonymous, Malay ancestoral lady conjured-up in her kitchen decades ago maybe... but Mom's version is exceptionally special to me.

"I want to eat Yong Tau Foo for dinner..." Dad came to the kitchen from the room after his afternoon prayers, "we go to Banquet, OK?" He pointed to the direction of CausewayPoint Shopping Mall.

"Yes, why not! I would like to see the new place too." I answered, "Why don't you both get ready while I finish my meal here." I suggested.

They both went in to the room to change while I surreptitiously licking my fingers. Yes... still tasted heavenly as I have always remembered it. Heaven in Mom's kitchen.

We had dinner... well, they had dinner while I sipped coffee, at the newly opened Banquet food court on the 7th floor. The place was huge with a Malay village theme.

A halal food court was packed with the weekend diners where I saw mostly Malays; knowingly so as Woodlands is very near to the Singapore-Johor causeway to Malaysia.

Parents Enjoying Yong Tau Foo At Banquet Woodlands
Just as I enjoyed my sambal goreng, my parents were enjoying their Yong Tau Foo... they hardly spoke and by the look at the spilled chili sauce on the table... they were in heaven. Dad did not care at all, he enjoyed his favourite meal thoroughly.

Once at CausewayPoint, Dad's must-stop shop was the $Value store, where almost all items are sold at S$1.05.

He spent a good enough time browsing and getting items he "needed," like 8-in-one pack of pens, 4-in-one pack of Superglue, 10-in-one toothbrushes for the many unplanned guests that may stay overnight... a magnifying glass to help him look at minute items to fix around the house... hand towels, etc.

At about a dollar each, I guess why not! I joined-in too. Pens and magnifying glass for my son, Velcro-stickers for Wifey's shop deco ideas, hand towels and scrubs for the kitchen... and, a back-rest support for my blog chair.

We stopped by the Chinese New Year Bazaar erected at the open field just beside the mall and bought snacks and fruits to take home.

Before long, it was time to send them home and get to my home myself... of course not before Mom and Dad packed lots of stuff they cooked and stuff they already bought for me to take home.

I had so much stuff in tree carrier bags as though I just came back from grocery shopping. Wonderful folks these two.

I love them so dearly. We had a good outing together on Saturday. Hopefully Wifey and our son can join and enjoy their company next time.


  1. Good parents are such a valuable blessing, aren't they?

    I have a question about sambal goreng. What kind do your eat, Telur or Udang? I looked it up, and one was made with a shrimp paste. They seemed a bit different.
    I am always eager to try new foods, though- especially when they are so highly recommended!

  2. Imran - What a pleasure to read about someone who truly treasures their parents. Atribute to both you and them.

  3. Hi Imran
    The best for you
    Very nice
    tank you

  4. awwww you seemed to have a lovely time. Make sure to treasure & embrace these moments cuz the memory of the love and compassion will strengthen you even in the darkest hour...


  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    LP | Parents are the best.

    I am stunned to actually read your "telur or udang" Malay words. Outstanding!

    It's a combination of tofu, tempe and udang... and a tinge spicy with fine slices of dried chili.

    Exactly how it is cooked is totally beyond me. I hate cooking. My specialty is eating it... love it.

    Coming from far away Wisconsin, USA, I never thought you'd be up for spicy Asian food. Again, outstanding, my lady!

    Barbara | Thank you. I love them for being wonderful people who are selfless and caring.

    I love them for loving each other all this time and wish to have my love and marriage as strong and loving as them always.

    David | Welcome to my babbling blog. Mushy sometimes, I am embarrassed myself too come to think of it.

    I went to your blog, but I was unfortunate to not able to read your language.

    It would be great to know you more through your opinions and thoughts in your blog, though.

    Crashy | I am cherishing and accumulating as much treasure such as this as I can.

    Yes, the dark hours will come, and yes, these treasure will shine brightly and strong for me, I'm sure.

    Have a good day... Valentine's Day, whether you celebrate it or not.

  6. You are lucky to have such parents. I'm sure what they cooked for you was delicious.
    Thanks for the visit and Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  7. I know about good home cooked meals. I don't eat good living on campus. I love a good home cooked meal. I can taste it now Fried chicken or Pork chops, or catfish. With greens and corn bread. Now I am hungry.

  8. Imran-
    I've had various tastes from around the world for awhile. Thank you for your compliments, it was nice of you.
    I went to the Philippines a few years ago, and tried all the new foods that I could safely digest! It was fun.
    (The purpose of the trip wasn't to eat, but it was a benefit!)

  9. Yes, Imran your very lucky to have such loving good parents! Very blessed indeed.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting them and shopping,etc. We have a $1.00 store here also that I could not do without!:)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to check in on me..I'm hanging in there.

    I just put up a new post and its a bit more political than I usually do...but how I'm feeling of late.

    With Angel Blessings,


  10. What could be better? Good food and a browse around the shops.

    A good time was had by all. Great stuff.

  11. You're a lucky man, but your parents are also lucky.


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