Tuesday, February 06, 2007

OneCare 4 Three

Windows Live OneCare! Installation Successful Screen
I do hope that after today, I can put my worries to rest that my home PCs will not go bonkers on me and risk loosing precious personal data.

Like the slow recovery of my recent office PC fiasco, loosing all my email data was a heavy price to pay. I have become pro-active in prevention even at home.

So when Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare email came to my inbox offering their Beta Testers a fully functional released version that are now available in Singapore, I accepted the offer with wide-open arms!

Windows Live OneCare! Software PackageI have to arm all 3 of my home PCs - Wifey's, my son's and mine that are wirelessly networked together with broadband access, a fighting chance against viruses, spyware and malwares from the net... and also the ability to repair Windows systems files with its built-in tune-up feature amongst others.

For a small on-line subscription fee of S$29.90 covering a maximum of 3 PCs, the cost is extremely negligible to have a restful mind that your PC health is taken care of.

Now, all 3 home PCs are under OneCare! Peace be upon me. Yes!

I am however very grateful to the following free softwares that have kept all my PCs in good health so far:

These are well recommended free programs that do wonders for me personally, but with the all-in-one program of OneCare! with auto-update is the convenience I have settled for.


  1. cool, I am glad you found one for you.

  2. Hi Imran. I hope you are doing well. I am still not able to get on my blog. It kinda sucks, as I would like to tell how my life is. All the best to you.

  3. Imran,

    I'm glad you got it all pretty much covered now it seems. I had avg but recently replaced it with avast! It has this blue window that pops up daily (or more) whenever on my pc and keeps updating and checking things out..then when it's done the avast blue window moves down. I also have a spyware deal and "Internet shield" a friend sent me in an e-mail. All at no cost. I use them about 5 times a week to keep things "clear" and check things out. But avast is always running.

    I read about Buddy in your other post and I about cried..I was so scared you were going to say Buddy didn't make it at the end and was so relieved to hear you took such good care of him. You are so sweet and a good man to love and take care of your family and pets so well! You deserve a prize for that! I also was thinking a glass around the cages sounds like a good idea..with some vents or whatever for ventilation. So then you wouldn't have to worry about any accidents.

    Poor Wednesday also. I've had my kitty "Lizzie" since she was 6 weeks old (she's almost 5 years old now) and I've always used a spray water bottle when she does something "bad". It works so affectively that now I don't even need to spray the water at her, all I have to do is just pick up the spray water bottle and she knows and stops the "bad" thing she is doing immediately!

    I hope your all feeling better now with the flu bug. It's gone rampant over here in America also. People are getting it 2 sometimes 3 times in a row..bizzare!

    Okay blabbed enough here..take good care...

    With Angel Blessings,


  4. I use the ''One Care'' Imran...so far so good.

  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming in.

    C-Dell | I have been using the beta version and it was a great all-in-one tool for me.

    Once it expired, it was inconvenient to have so many individual third-party programs to cater to some many stuff.

    I guess I should be thankful, which I am that these separate programs were free downloads... especially the AVG Antivirus.

    Wandi | I am fine. Family's fine too thank you.

    I know. I have been going over and was unable to leave any message for you and how you were doing in the cold weather the US have been having of late.

    I will keep going over to your blog and hope that it is rectified and start to read your the warm stories you have been sharing with us all this while.

    Stay warm and beautiful.

    Rhiannon | This OneCare is so convenient and runs automatically, that I have no worries about infected PCs in my home.

    I am so glad that Microsoft has actually included Singapore to release its online subscription. For a little annual cost, the worries are so far behind me I feel.

    Thank you for those kind words. I just want to be as good a person and remain true to myself and to my family... and pets too.

    When they are happy, I am double happy. A win-win situation.

    I have recovered, but our son still has the sniffles... a draggy one it seems for him.

    He just had 2 days off from school as advised by our family doctor. The flu bug is rampant here too.

    Ellen | Good for you my lady. The worries are all gone once I installed it successfully on all 3 of the home PCs here. Phew! Yes!

    Thank you all again. Have a good week ahead.


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