Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A-praise Me Not?

All this time in my working years, this year is the strangest of all when it comes to the annual Performance Appraisal.

This year, I was asked to give myself an appraisal, along with the people under my charge that I have to do appraisal for.

Self-appraisal? Always something new... at least in my book.

A few unsettling and sceptical thoughts spontaneously ran through my mind...

You don't know what I have been doing this whole year?
You're too "busy" to do my appraisal?
You really want to know what I think of my work performance?
Blah... blah... blah...

I guess I should not be too concern because I learnt that everyone who reports to the boss has to do his or her own self-appraisal.

Very "innovative", very convenient, very strange... those bad thoughts again. Sigh.

I know how I have been performing, but I would rather hear it from my boss, objectively:

What are my strongest & weakest traits you have observed?
What expectations are required of me?
What immediate, medium or long-term goals do you have for me?
What is planned for me in this establishment?

The actual questions I have for my boss to answer. Sigh.

As reluctant as I was, I submitted the sheets of PA form today, together with the others that I had done. I saw myself objectively, I rated myself and I gave myself the score I deserve each with justifications on how I arrived at each score.

Again the looming thoughts I have...

So this is how they do it in the HQ or the boss' own brilliant idea?
Blow your own horn... the louder you blow, the more they hear, the better the score philosophy?
How can they tell the truth from false or embellished fabrication of one's performance?

Hope I do not get busted for writing this. Will the judge me... rate me or axe me? Will see.


  1. Imran, I think the idea of these self-appraisals is to let them(the bosses) know how their employees actually believe/think they are doing in the workplace.

    I think it is always hard to write about oneself objectively, whether it be praise or criticism.

    I am sure you are doing fine and if not they are sure to let you know.

    May I take this opportunity to mention how great your English is. I have noticed this before but haven't said...now I have.

  2. Hello Ellen,

    Thank you for your thoughts. I agree with you and I am hoping that that is about what "the boss" was trying to do.

    And again, being a sweet lady you are, thank you for your compliment. I have trouble describing stuff or how I feel, so I use a lot of pictures to do the describing for me instead, if you noticed.

    I would like to take this opportunity in my blog, to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Would have joined you, but it was the girls' night out... so looking at your party pictures will do. Thanks for sharing.


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