Monday, October 02, 2006

Like The Dinosaur?

An Asteroid Deep Impacting Earth
I received a disturbing email from a friend a few days ago, but did open it until today.

It was about the end of life on earth as we know it. It was speculated that dinosaurs were extinct because of the aftermath and the after-effect of an asteroid impact on earth.

The email states that NASA's Near Earth Object or NEO Program has predicted that the mighty humans who controls the earth may very well go to extinction like the mighty dinosaurs who then ruled the earth plane.

An asteroid scientifically named 2002 NT7, measuring 1.24 miles across will come into earth's path and collide on February 1st 2019... 13 years from now.

The impact will be equivalent to 1 million megatons of explosion that can destroy an entire continent upon impact. A gloomy predicament for all life forms on modern earth.

Asteroid 2002 NT7 & Earth Trajectories
I had to check the website and articles from CNN and BBC to confirm the truth of this claim. For my own sake. I just had to know.

The good news is that it is confirmed by NASA to be a low-probability after they have enough data to determine its trajectory.

The bad news is that I am far behind. Far, far behind in the world of being aware of this "near-life-extinction" news. Four years too late!

I think I am like a beam of light from a distant star, taking light-years to reach my awareness of what is happening now.

Earth to Imran... Earth to Imran, come in!

Guess this fast-paced place where I live has left me oblivious to the global and even universal happenings... whether trivia or life-threatening such as this real-life occurrence.

I am very much focused on the daily concerns, what will become of me, how will my family be better off in the future. The immediate concerns that directly affect me.

I think most of my countrymen would share the same sentiments. I can be wrong.

Then again, better late then... ever happening. The scientists still do not rule out the same possibility of impact in 2060. How old will I be then?

Hope my son and my grandchildren will still inhibit this earth happily after that date.

Else, we really need a Bruce Willis and his team to fly out to the asteroid and blow it up to smithereens to save humankind from Deep Impact and delay Armageddon... The Almighty willing.


  1. Hello Andrew,

    Exactly what I felt when I read the email. Makes us so insignificant and life so fragile against such possibility. Life goes on... for now and hopefully for a long, long time to come.

    Have a good week ahead.


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