Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Back To Work

Tampines NE Council Raya GreetingsAfter four days off work since last Saturday, I had to drag myself off my bed and into the shower to get ready for work. Sigh.

One of the toughest mornings in my life. Tougher than to wake up every 4:30am in the early morning everyday to eat sahur or early breakfast for the fasting during the day, for the whole of the Ramadhan month.

Yes, I took a cab to work. Someone had to get me to work fast as I took a whole lot of time getting ready. Every thing was a slow-motion replay this morning.

One nice thing did happen when I was about to step into the factory, though. I met a colleague at the door who greeted me with "Selamat Hari Raya" and shook my hand.

A nice gesture, from someone I did not expect to get anything beyond an acknowledging nod when we pass by each other.

The day was looking up for me. That guy just gave me an uplifting boost to my spirit.

Why did I not take longer leave off work like the rest of my Muslim friends at Production?

Well, I have used up most of my paid leaves when my Dad fell ill and diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and many more used up to accompany Mom when she had to go for her physiotherapy sessions.

Fortunately both are well now. Dad was given a clean bill of health during his annual endoscopy last June 2006 and Mom is off her routine physio as she can now walk upright and spared from the sporadic leg cramps she used to have.

These are the best rewards for my annual leaves well spent. I would not trade them for the world.

The day went smooth, even though there were no one else greeting me in the office. Being the only Malay and Muslim in the office tend to make you "forgotten" by the rest of your special day.

Then again, no one actually bothers about anybody's birthday, so this is about the same thing once they come back from the Hari Raya public holiday...

I was so ready to leave work at 5:30pm sharp. My nephew was coming to visit us tonight as he will be leaving for a 3-month boot camp at Tekong Island.

I was all packed up and about to leave when a friend came to me with his work problem.

I had to give him a listening ear and shared my thoughts, and advice of what I would do or handle the situation... if I can call it that, after an hour-long talk. Sincerely, I hope it helped him in some small way at the very least.

So glad to finally reach home at 10 minutes past 7:00pm. Beautiful home... all clean and decorated, excitedly waiting for relations to pop by...

Well, none today, unfortunately. My son and I had a peaceful dinner instead. Wifey tending to the shop. Business was brisk as she mentioned over the phone earlier. Good news.

My nephew over-estimated his travel times between his other uncles' and aunties' houses he was visiting and had to skip mine to get home to psych himself for the army the next day.

I did not get to give him moral support to face the tough and trying, physical and mental endurance he has to undergo, but I wish him all the best! He is a strong-willed teen anyways.

As for the rest, I guess everyone was just too tired after their spring cleaning and visits to their parents and in-laws. Tired like I was this morning.

Things... well, activities will definitely pick-up these weekends for sure. Syawal is after all a month long celebration.

I am ready to visit my siblings and friends as they are to my home. I feel blessed to be able to celebrate Hari Raya in peace, happiness and abundance with my family this year too.

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