Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hari Raya Hunt 3

Finally, we were at Geylang Serai Ramadhan Bazaar.

From our shop in Bugis Street, we took bus Service 7 to Geylang Serai after we closed the shop.

I was excited as always to go to this yearly event. A makeshift night market full of Raya stuff in one place. The buss and festive Raya atmosphere can be seen as far away with the street light-ups and can be felt as soon as we alighted from the bus.

This year light-up is more extensive and elaborate. The mood for Raya shopping is definitely in the air. There were people everywhere, but instead of frustrations with tightly packed crowd, everyone was actually busy bargaining and buying stuff from annual Raya cake and cookies, to baju kurong and fake flowers.

This year, Wifey's baju kurong dress was found in this bazaar without much hunting around. It did not cost above S$100.00 either. She fell in love with it regardless of the price tag.

It is set, we are going visiting in light blue colour.

Geylang Serai Ramadhan Bazaar '06
Next hunt was for matching colour baju kurong for my son and myself...

Found! Matching colour and both my son's and my sizes were available. Great too was the price tag. We bargained mine from S$65.00 to S$55.00 while our son's at S$40.00. Totalled to S$95.00 which was also less than S$100.00. Amazing!

What took a lot of time hunting around though, was the matching Kain Samping for both my son and I. A good complement to our plain, light blue baju kurong.

Whenever we found a good one, there would only be one left. And when we found a good match again, the kain samping was not sewed yet. There was no time time to do any sewing with Wifey's busy schedule between the shop and home.

One last burst of hunting instincts, we found a stall that has, yes... balance 2 sets of kain samping that was a good match for our baju kurung. Only then Wifey bought her headscarfs that matched our kain samping. Yes!

Next hunt, Raya cookies!

Not hard to find as there were so many stalls. We were soon heading home, fortunate to get a cab as soon as we reached the road side. Thank you.

Mission complete! Now for spring cleaning.


  1. Tiring, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Hello Andrew,

    You are right. It is very tiring, but always worth it.

    I think it is the most fun activity amongst all the preparations needed for our festive celebrations.

    The atmosphere is always so cheerful and uplifting coming Hari Raya.

    Since thousands of Muslims congregate there annually like a Mecca for shopping, we are bound to cross paths with family members, old friends and old neighbours.

    The kind of feeling never changes since I was small. I think everyone else here who celebrates Hari Raya has the same feeling too.

    Thanks for coming in.
    Have a good weekend.


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