Friday, October 27, 2006

My Divine Inspiration

Tickle Test - What is your dream theme?
"You're dreaming about feeling deeply connected to the universe and to those around you. While you sleep, your mind gravitates toward scenarios in which you feel free of burdens or constraints.

Your dreams tell stories of positive relationships that don't hold you back. This means that you're likely tapping into a sense of uplifting freedom and awe of the greater things in life.

There are a wide variety of dreams that fall into the category of Divine Inspiration. You may dream of being surrounded by lush or expansive natural beauty.

Many people dream about being embraced tenderly or of making love. Flying is also common in Divine Inspiration dreams.


Above is the result of a test I took from Tickle about "The Dream Interpretation Test."

It seems there are 7 universal dream themes psychologists can group together:

  • Mastery - maximizing opportunities & achieving well-deserved success

  • Life's Reward - see yourself in a favorable light

  • Order & Balance - you are coping with difficulties & their consequences

  • Empowerment - situations that are threatening to diminish your personal power

  • Self-Reliance - not ready to take full advantage of life's opportunities

  • Divine Inspiration - deeply connected to the universe & to those around you

  • Spiritual Connection - revolve around various stages in the cycle of life & death

Mine is the 6th in the list as Divine Inspiration. This theme has 3 main dreams that fall under its thematic umbrella - Flying, Beauty of Nature and Physical Connection.


  • You sail through the air, feeling free as the wind. You can go anywhere you wish — nothing is holding you back. In these dreams, you may fly away from threats or troubles, transforming difficult situations into beautiful experiences.

  • In these pleasant and sometimes exciting dreams, psychologists believe that your unconscious mind is expressing a feeling of ultimate freedom. In your waking life, something in particular is going very well. You feel connected and supported, and nothing is keeping you from soaring through life and reaching your greatest goals.

The Beauty Of Nature

  • In these dreams, you may find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation or blooming flowers. Perhaps you're walking through a forest of tall, comforting trees, or gazing at a valley from a safe vista. No matter what the exact scene, everything around you is beautiful and calming. These dreams can often have a mystic or miraculous element to them.

  • These rare dreams are a gift from your psyche. Analysts believe that such extremely beautiful surroundings are a sign of feeling joy and exaltation in your waking life. They may be related to a spiritual experience or practice, or indicate a truly special connection.

Physical Connection

  • In these common dreams, you connect physically with someone in a way that's pleasurable. The person may be your partner, someone else that you know, a stranger, or a celebrity or public figure. In the dream, the person may embrace or comfort your physically, or you may enjoy a passionate connection with them.

  • According to psychologists, these dreams are all about connection. You may desire a deeper or more satisfying connection with the person in the dream, or your dream may be expressing an already-satisfying connection. You may also want to connect with or adopt some quality that this person stands for in your mind.
I am pleasantly surprised as the result and explanations are very true and meaningful to me. Some lingering questions of my dreams are answered here. Cool Tickle Test! Try it!

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