Monday, October 09, 2006

Hari Raya Hunt 2

In the spirit of Hari Raya celebration, the preparation is the most fun time I think.

Went out with my parents to accompany them with Raya preparations, the shopping day out was good, though quite hectic at IKEA.

4 of us were there, my parents, my son and myself were caught-up with the huge crowd at IKEA. Totally huge that the whole place was packed with shoppers who actually make purchases.

So crowded that there were less items on displayed because many were sold out!

Mom wanted to buy some canisters for her Ray cookies, but upon our arrival there, the whole pallet of the canisters were swiped-off clean. So did the spade which Sister asked to buy for her.

As for me, curtains were the most important item to get, though many choices, there was none that coordinated with our sofas. Wifey has put her trust in me to choose the curtains this year, since we now have our little shop for her to tend to.

A great leap of faith in me on her part. I better not screw it up.

Mom did get a few more stuff in her shopping list, but the queue was incredibly long, until it stretched all the way back to the self-collection centre. The rows and rows of checkout counters were jam packed!

IKEA Gargening Section
Thought it was going to be a long wait, but something wonderful happened.

A lady in the front queue from the next line saw me pushing Mom on her wheelchair, and Dad pushing the cart, started calling us out.

"Come over! You have old folks there queueing. Come over!" the lady called-out to us.

"It's OK, thanks. We are OK" I replied. Mom just waved and said thank you.

"No, no. Come over to this line. Just go to the cashier and pay," she insisted, looking at others around her in the queue to seek their approval "OK right? Poor madam and his father standing there."

"Just go lah..." one man from another line replied and waving at me to come over to her line. The rest of the people in the queues nodded and smile, giving their approval.

I was feeling quite embarrassed, but wheeled her over to the lady's line and went straight to the cashier. A good jump of 8 people before the cashier.

As I wheeled her and passed those nice people, I nodded and thanked them. Dad followed behind wheeling the shopping cart along in between tightly packed people in queues with carts of bulky items, nodding his head, grateful.

The cashier just smiled and say "Good day, Sir."

After payment and before we left, I waved and thanked all the people again. A very nice gesture and a totally unexpected pleasant surprise.

There are still plenty of beautiful and selfless people here in Singapore. Graceful still.

As for the Raya hunt. My parents got most of what they wanted. As for me I have to continue the hunt for out home.

Delifrance Asian Delights Ramadhan Briyani
We spent so much time at IKEA, we could not make it to VivoCity in time for buka puasa or break fast at about 7:00pm.

We decided to go to Anchor Point Food Court across the road from IKEA for dinner. Mom settled for Delifran where they served Beef and Chicken Briyani... an indian yellow rice with thick curry, but with a touch of French. A dish that is popular among Malays.

Mom had her Chicken Spaghetti, Dad and I had the Briyani, while my son had seafood croissant for buka. Delicious. A perfect end to a hectic shopping day out.

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