Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Subconscious Blots

Tickle Test - Original Inkblots Test
Muhammad Imran, your subconscious mind is driven most by Curiosity

This means you are full of questions about life, people, and the potential of your future. You spend more time than others envisioning the possibilities of your life — things that others are too afraid to consider.

Your curiosity burns with an almost physical need to know and do more. It's only through new experiences that you feel a greater understanding of yourself or the world — which ultimately is the greatest way for you to feel satisfied.

It is possible that the underlying reason for your drive towards curiosity is a deeply rooted fear of boredom. That means that you are probably more susceptible than others to feel like you're falling into a rut when life slows down into a comfortable routine.

You need to make sure you have stimulation in your life — that makes you feel like you're innovating or being exposed to the ideas and experiences that truly inspire you.

With such a strong orientation towards curiosity, you're also prone to a rebellious quality that shows up when you feel you are just going through the motions, and are unable to really influence the world around you. But interestingly enough, your drive towards novel experiences also indicates an openness others don't have, but wish they did.

Unconsciously, your curiosity presses you to learn more, experience more, and get the most out of life.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Curiosity, there is much more to who you are at your core.


Tickle Test - Curiosity Inkblot
Yes, yet another test I took from Tickle Test.

This time is about what my subconscious mind is telling me about myself.

A series of questions to describe what I see or feel about each of the 5 inkblots shown throughout a quite extensive test.

My result is Curiosity. Yes. So true! I am amazed at the accuracy of the result to describe me.

Like just the other day, as my office friends and I were going from the canteen back to our office after a morning break, I saw a beautiful yellow butterfly with black and brown dotted wings on the tarmac as we walked pass it.

It was still. I stopped and reached down to touch it, as everyone else went passing bye looking at it with indifference when I told them. They just continued walking.

The butterfly had two of its legs broken for some reasons, and could not fly after I tried to stir it away for fear it will be driven over by a passing vehicle.

Yellow Butterfly
It flapped its wings but fell flat instead. It could not fly away. I believe it was dying. Maybe it was already reaching the end of its lifespan. Such a beautiful insect. Quite uncommon to see such a butterfly with those beautiful patterns.

That is life, I thought to myself as I left it be and joined my friends.

I was thinking to myself...

Why am I intrigued by such things; stopped to take a look and try to make sense of it, while the rest of my friends do not have the slightest interest?

Am I considered a normal adult who is maybe quite intensely curious about the things around me, or have I not out-grown my child-like traits that get people around me baffled at my "antics"?

I am not embarrassed for my antics, but I just want some kind of explanation for it.

The Tickle Test of Original Inkblots Test revealed the answer to my second question.

Sometimes, it is worth to take the time for such tests and get explanations for some of our life's chronic questions for free. Of course we take it with a pinch of salt.

No shrinks needed here. Thank goodness.

PS: I am not getting any commission from Tickle for the commendations.


  1. Imran - Very interesting about your curiosity. Do you think the quiz results were accurate?


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