Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tried And Tested

Alright now... what I said yesterday about my will to stay strong, was tested today.

I had an early conference call with our US customer this morning, so I had to be at work before 8:00am to get my stuff and be at the conference room in time.

Left home and was at the bus stop at Tampines Avenue 9 by 7:30am, but missed the bus instead. I saw it left as it turned the corner to Avenue 10.

It was already 7:39am when I looked at my watch. I was going to be late for the concall, definitely. I had to take the cab for today.

There were at least 2 empty cabs easily, crusing the road when I decided to switch for a cab.

Knowing that the fare has already risen, there are now ample empty cabs for these few days to at least a week while people get adjusted to taking alternative transportation.

Else they just "close an eye" and start taking the cab again. As long as you are willing to fork out the money, nothing really matters anymore.

I got Mr. Sahat Mohamed as my cab driver this morning. As if encouring people to take cabs again, he was jovial, chatting and... the first time in my cab-taking, morning-rush hour life had a discount of S$1.00 off the metred fare.

That was incredible for a cab driver to give such offer at his own expense.

The fare turned-out to be S$11.70 from what used to be about S$9.60. A S$2.00 or 20% increase for a trip to work with no delays, jams, etc included yet.

Too rich for my blood. A better income for the cab drivers, but not from me.

Guess I will go public after-all and as a perk, save on money.

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